Indy Mayhem Show: BONUS – Laura Loveless’s Story

After our discussion last week about having a safer locker room with Marcus Mann and Tyler Klein, Laura Loveless stuck around to tell us her awkward locker room story that was mentioned in passing during the last episode.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Building a Safer Locker Room

In the wake of the #SpeakingOut movement, the conversation has included what wrestling companies need to do to operate a safer locker room.  Ryse Wrestling has been a promotion that has been endeavoring to have a welcoming and safe locker room in it’s over 3 years in existence.  We talk with head booker Marcus Man, and roster members Tyler Klein and Laura Loveless about the movement, speaking out, what the company does right and what it needs to work on, as well as everyone else, moving forward.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Wrestling with Depression with Drake Braddock

Drake Braddock joins us to have a conversation about his fight with depression including the “performance high” and bullying in the case of Hana Kimura.


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Indy Mayhem Show: Remembering Devil Bhudakahn

Referee Bobby Williams AKA Wrestler Robert Parker Williams talks about the Devil Bhudakahn book project and remembers some stories about the man who helped shape his wrestling and refereeing careers, announces his next project on JT Lightning and reflects on All Pro Wrestling, including a poop story regarding Sonny Landell, Joe Perry’s outlaw shows with Giant Eagle, and more stories from Pittsburgh and Cleveland wrestling over the years with surprise co-guest Glenn Spectre!

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Indy Mayhem Show: Trademarks for Pro Wrestlers

“The Reaper” Matt Conard joins us to discuss his ordeal with trademarks after being taken by AEW wrestler Shawn Spears and the timing around a wrestling show that may have lead to it.  We also welcome “The Gavel” David LawlessAKA Max Petrunya PPC to help us walk through Trademarks, Copyrights, and how pro wrestlers can protect themselves and their characters.

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Classic Indy Mayhem Show 127: Wardlow

Originally Recorded August 16, 2016

This week Wardlow joins us to talk about tearing through the International Wrestling Cartel, Justin LaBar and more!

Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please, @inspirepro) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron, @sorgatronmedia) also discuss the recent Inspire Pro Forever event in Austin, Tx, the upcoming IWC Caged Fury event in Pittsburgh, PA, and what Sorg is doing different to up the quality of videos these days.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Joe Dombrowski Goes Back in Time

Commentator, booker, and all around swell guy, Joe Dombrowski, joins the show this week as we talk about getting the most out of the time he’s had in his  career, the shock of his schedule change, what wrestling could look like when we “come back” from the current world state thanks to coronavirus, and we dive into his latest project, Wrestling from the Heartland showcasing Les Thatcher’s Heartland Wrestling Association and it’s WWF developmental era days, the Brian Pillman Memorial and more!

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Indy Mayhem Show: Expanding Skillsets in a Quarantine

This week members of the Prospect Pro Wrestling roster Chest Flexor, Professor Ryan Dye and Zack Rayne join us to talk bout creative distractions, Sasquatch Cornhole, trademark gimmick issues, the wonderful world of skiing, and taking being a heel too far.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Badger’s Cool Down Bunker

Drake Braddock and HoneyBadger are live from their respective bunkers as we chat about the history of the Ryse Wrestling Stronghold, Drake’s home conversion for remote clients,  gimmicks that were never launched, including a fascinating fleshed out Italian faction, and help develop Drake’s Bunker Burn.

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Indy Mayhem Show: At Least There’s Dungeons and Dragons

Keith Haught and Ronnie Starks are back in this week’s Quarantine Hangout as we chat about keeping sane, sneaking action figure hunting, Scott Pilgrim, Dungeons and Dragons, that first wrestling show back so much more in another loose hangout.

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