This is AIW’s results. I thought it would be fun to compare my memories to AIW’s report. I’ll post my thoughts in Bold right after AIW’s to make it easier to read.  Who am I kidding your just going to post this on the website.


-Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins came to the ring and announced that for the second consecutive West Park Party Center event, there was bad news about an AIW Title. Biggins called AIW Tag Team Champion, Christian Faith, and Agent Aaron Bauer to ringside. Bauer announced that Faith had suffered a possible career-ending neck injury and Vincent Nothing was seemingly nowhere to be found. Agent Aaron Bauer revealed that the Tag Team Gauntlet would be for the vacant tag titles.
1. Tag Team Gauntlet:
Alpha Beta Duke beat Lights Out
Alpha Beta Duke beat The Jack Of Love (Flexor/Saint)
Da Latin Crime Syndicate beat Alpha Beta Duke
-During the start of the ABD/DLCS confrontation the lights went out. When the technical issue was resolved, a pair some local wrestlers who were not scheduled to appear on the show snuck in and attacked Nick Belushi. Concerned about his partner, The Duke had turned his attention to the Melee, leaving him vulnerable to Da Latin Crime Syndicate.

* Co- owner of AIW Fat Nick Belushi of Alpha Beta Duke has had a claimed legitimate personal issue with Shawn Blaze going on for a while now.  Last month @ AIW’s Bring the Ruckus event Nick gave Blaze a blow to the head that is claimed to have sent him to the hospital.

Local wrestlers Shawn Blaze, Josh ” KANO ” Emanuel, Lamont Williams & other local wrestlers hung around before and during the show.  Lamont who was a member of the AIW roster in ’06 & ’07 hadn’t been in an AIW ring until November 27 ‘09 @ AIW’s “Hell on Earth 5” event.  He ended up as the replacement for Mike Baker against Shane Douglas @ Nightmare Before X-Mas 3.  During the Tag gauntlet Lamont had words with Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins who was stationed @ the ticket table. Lamont started yelling @ Chandler.  Shawn Blaze joined in. I’m actually the person who called security to help Chandler out. I don’t remember seeing Nick near Lamont or Blaze.

Pink Mustaches beat Da Latin Crime Syndicate
Aeroform beat Pink Mustaches
-Aeroform was declared the new AIW Tag Team Champions. However, Agent Aaron Bauer announced that he had booked one more tag team – The Young Studs.
The Young Studs defeated Aeroform after Agent Aaron Bauer forced Flip Kendrick off of the top rope. When Faith confronted the turncoat, Bauer, The Young Studs attacked Faith and further injured his neck.

* The Gauntlet match lasted well over forty minutes.

2. Absolute Opportunity : Johnny Cockstrong beat “The Smooth Savage” Jonny Mangue (Pronounced Mang-way)

* This match was supposed to be for an opportunity in the Gauntlet Match so I Laughed when Johnny Mangue come out #3 in the Gauntlet Match.

-Jack Verville came out and complained about how Flexor/Saint failed to win the tag titles and how he was going to win the Absolute Title later. He asked for a warm up match. Tommy Mercer answered the challenge.
3. Tommy Mercer beat Jack Verville with the Mercy Kill

* Watching Mercer during this match made me think of the what I thought the first time I saw Chris Dickenson @ AIW’s “Dragged to Hell” event” I’m watching a star being born!”    Mercer did have friends & family in the crowd. However, from what I remember, everyone seemed to be eating out of his hand.

4. For #30 Spot in The Gauntlet For The Gold, Sterling James Keenan beat Johnny Gargano with a cross arm breaker.

-Chris Dickinson entered to defend the Intense Division Championship. Chandler Biggins returned and announced that Eric Alverado was scared to face Dickinson and had quit Absolute Intense Wrestling. After a few choice words about Mr. Alverado, Facade interrupted and was awarded the title shot.

* Before Facade came out Chandler was asking for challengers.  He even asked if the fans wanted to see me in the ring.  During Chandler ‘s promo Kano started yelling that he would take on Dickenson.  I even started a Kano chant with a few crowd members joining in.  Allis Chandler didn’t seem to hear it.

5. No Disqualification for The INTENSE TITLE: Chris Dickinson beat Façade with an ace crusher from the top rope to the floor through the announcer table.

* These two matches stand out to me for the shear contrast of style.  Gargano & SJK hand an Intense wrestling match with the story being SJK working Johnny’s Arm until he tapped.

Dickenson & Facade just annihilated each other with everything from kicks & strikes to slams & tables.   Yet both matches had the crowd.

1. Façade
2. Johnny Gargano
3. “The Smooth Savage” Jonny Mangue
4. Chris Dickinson
5. Jefferson Saint
-Saint seeing the other 4 in the ring, refused to enter the Gauntlet.
6. Chest Flexor
7. Jack Verville
8. Ben Fruith
-All members of the Jack Of Love refused to enter the match and prevented Fruith from entering.
9. Johnny Cockstrong
-The others stop Cockstrong from entering, as well.
10. Southside St. Clair
-Southside came out and called out the others for being afraid, and lead everybody into the ring to attack the first four.
11. Tommy Mercer
-Mercer came out and cleaned house. Jack Of Love, Southside and Fruith were all eliminated in short order. Mercer press slammed Cockstrong onto the pile.
12. The Duke
13. Eric Ryan
14. Flip Kendrick
15. John Thorne
16. K. Fernandez
17. Christian Faith (Who was unable to come out due to injury.)
18. Jay Ice
19. Nick Belushi
20. Benny Boone
21. Gregory Iron
-Thorne is eliminated by Chris Dickinson. While walking to the locker room, Thorne was attached by a former AIW talent who was captured and ejected from the building.

* Of course Something has to happen so John Thorne gets talked about as well. I was watching the match so,I didn’t see Josh ” KANO ” Emanuel hit Thorne but he did grab a house microphone & talked shit on of all people Chris Dickenson.  At one point Kano was on the ground with at least four people trying to rip the mic out of his hands.  A few minutes after Kano is thrown out I went outside to get some air.  What do I see but Kano standing outside Chilling in the parking lot with Fat Nick’s brother “Ultra” and some others.  Chandler Biggins was not among them.

On a related note Former Co-Owner of AIW & current Cleveland police officer Bike Baker was there in uniform throughout the night and didn’t get involved.

This is just my personal opinion; I don’t understand the whole Personal beef trend going on in front of & behind the scenes of the Indies.  If you really have an axe to grind and you wanted to hurt a company there are so many mind blowingly easy ways to do it.  I’ll just take AIW for an example.  They violate the rights of music & film.  As do many other Indies I’m sure.  Mailing a few DVDs to Paramount, ASCAP & the RIAA would get them in serious legal trouble.  How hard is that?

22. Bobby Beverly
23. Hobo Joe
24. Robert Paulson
25. Marion Fontaine
26. Louis Lyndon
27. Corey Winters
28. K.Fed
29. The Potato
-The entire match stopped when Potato entered. Potato danced his way into the ring where he was immediately attacked and thrown out.
30. Sterling James Keenan

-The match came down to Tommy Mercer, Johnny Gargano, Façade and SJK. With Gargano and SJK on the apron, Mercer slammed Facade over and all four competitors spilled out at once.

* Actually Johnny Gargano touched the floor a second after everyone else hit the ground.  So the real Winner & True Absolute Champion is Johnny Gargano!

Pedro Deluca asked for Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins to determine a winner. Chandler , however, was busy ejecting the out-of-control fans. After consulting the wrestlers, fans and referees, Chandler couldn’t make a decision. It was announced that all four wrestlers will compete at Absolution 5 at West Park Party Center on June 27th with the winner becoming the Absolute Champion.

* The crowd was hot during the match, but they deflated when Chandler made his decision.


I did a head count of 82 just before the show started. About a dozen more people, mainly other wrestlers showed up throughout the night.  I shouted so much I lost my voice. (again)   I had a blast.  In what may very well be a brilliant business move, (or a fluke)  When I arrived @ the door shortly before the show started  I was charged $15 for a VIP/front row ticket.  I asked about a $10 General Admission ticket and the door man had no clue what I was talking about.  He started scrambling and I just told him to forget about it and bought a VIP ticket even though I only saw one  front row seat that was in a bad position(right in front of a ring post) and ended up sitting in the second row anyway.  If that is a scheme to squeeze a few more dollars out of people its brilliant!