MayhemWear: Free Shipping!

If you’ve been holding out on picking up some of that sweet, sweet MayhemWear to literally wear your fandom on your sleave, now might be the time to stock up!  We got a line from Spreadshirt about thier big Mother’s Day Free Shipping promotion!

MayhemWear: More Fan. Less Smark

We’ve been talking about ways to relay our philosophy here at the Wrestling Mayhem Show.  One line that came up was “More Fan. Less Smark” since we’re still fans regardless, and try not to be the bitchy smart marks of other wrestling podcasts.

MayhemWear: THE Doc Remedy Shirt

A few weeks ago, I received a call from Doc Remedy that went like this:

Doc Remedy: Hey.  My face.  T-Shirt.  Do it.

Sorgatron:  You really want this.  Don’t you…

Doc Remedy: Yes.  And when I wear my own shirt, it will blow people’s minds.

Sorgatron:  What will be will be.

And here you have the result.  I have no more words for it…

MayhemWear: Mayhem World Order

The WWE and TNA  are trying to kick off 2010 by pretending it’s 1996 again. So why not join them with your own spin off faction of a dead horse and join the Mayhem World Order!!

MayhemWear: Watch your fetus mouth!!



MayhemWear: The First “Should I Wrestle That” Shirt!


This week, to celebrate the return of Should I Wrestle That, we look back at the very first edition, and bring you the first ever Should I Wrestle That shirt!


MayhemWear: “my face wasn’t talking to you…bitch”

No MayhemWear in a while?   Well, fear not!  Because Juggalo Jamie submitted something worthwhile!!!


MayhemWear Update: I’d Toss Vince’s Salad For a Contract

Let’s get in our time machines way back to February 21, 2006.  Episode 6 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show.  We were just getting to know Doc Remedy when he started showing up to the studio and his storied backyard wrestling career.  In conversation, we learned how earnestly he wanted to get into the WWE.Now you can exclaim you’re leaving scruples at the door when it comes to getting the gig of all gigs whether you’re gunning for the next WWE Champion or to push a broom at Titan Towers, thanks to MayhemWear!

MayhemWear: Toss Vince's Salad

MayhemWear Update: Support Indy Wrestling: Support Mayhem

We all like to support the indy wrestling, as evident by the Indy guests we have on the show and the groups we talk about.  Now, you can show your support for these promotions, and independent podcasting.

MayhemWear Update: Support Indy Wrestling: Support Mayhem

MayhemWear Update: Support Indy Wrestling: Support Mayhem



MayhemWear Update: Do Indy Wrestlers

You’ve seen it all over the message boards:

Support Indy Wrestlers

And way back in the day, we thought the ladies would be the perfect billboard for Independent Wrestling.  As part of the Mayhem Merch Initiative, I give you our first in hopefully a long run of shirts…for the ladies….

 Do Indy Wrestlers ShirtsDo Indy Wrestlers Shirts 2

You can pick up your shirt, for you or for your lady, in high quality Spreadshirt Action at the MayhemWear Shop!