Monday Mayhem Warriors: The Horrorshow

Mad Mike and Sorg digest wrestling and life as we digest WWE RAW, watching all three John Wick films that featured Kevin Nash at some point, figuring out just what happened on WWE RAW, the Covid-19 worries in pro wrestling and much more in this perfectly adequate Podcast.

Monday Mayhem 6/22/20: Pillars of Goth

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking about a rather wrestling and women’s wrestling frriendly WWE RAW, including the BEAST Ray Row (Viking Experience’s Ivar), Sasha Banks, MVP, the problem with Bobby Lashley and much more.

We also, predictably, talk about something different like who we Stan in Arrowverse, The Craft and the pillars of goth with the help of our chatters and so much more nonsense to start off the week.

Monday Mayhem 6/15/20: R-Drewth

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking WWE Raw including the “dream team” of R-Truth and Drew McIntyre, the women’s wrestling scene, MVP and Bobby Lashley reenacting Impact Wrestling and we dive into That Thing You Do, Arrowverse, and spoil some movies.

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 6/9/2020: Stuck in the Vegeta Saga

Sorg and Mad Mike are back after a week’s hiatus to talk about whatever is on their minds, including NXT’s In Your House, what’s going on with WWE RAW, and a deep dive into what we’re watching with the end of Gotham, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball Z and so many anime recommendations with our chat room.

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 5/18/20: The Reverse Secret

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking WWE RAW, Legos, Arrowverse and more that doesn’t have to do with pro wrestling.

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 5/11/20: The Kayla-Lock

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking the most WWE Raw in WEEKS! We talk about the big news on the Becky Lynch pregnancy, the consequences of throwing your coworkers off of the roof, the RETURN of THE IICONICS and the a pitch for the KAYLA-LOCK for Billie Kay.

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 5/4/20: May the 4th Be With You

Mad Mike, Mainstream Matt and Sorg are talking Star Wars, WWE RAW, AJ Styles coming back from the dead, and Lego sets. The usual.

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 4/27/20: Sweet Jinder

Mad Mike and Sorg are joined by Nick Farrah and discussing Jinder Mahal and Samoa Joe on WWE Raw, the Steamboat Willie Lego update, geeking out and more!

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 4/20/19: 5 Floors of Doom

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking about a lot of things. A little bit about WWE Raw maybe 45 minutes in, how WWE may have stolen the new Money in the Bank idea from an eFed, how we used to chronical and watch professional wrestling in the VHS era, what we can watch to bring wrestling joy back like The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Up Up Down Down, Lego decisions, and so many other random discussions. Come. Cope with us.

Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up 4/13/19: Zelina’s Thirst Trap

Mad Mike and Sorg are joined by a LEGO Fevered Mainstream Matt as we talk about what we’ve been building, judge Jerry Lawler’s questionable and probably racist use of move names, WWE being determined as an “Essential Business” in Florida, What makes WWE different than the NBA, Lego ASMR, and some great wrestling from WWE RAW!

*Trigger Warning: Matt is actively playing through Lego bins most of the show. But great if you are into Lego ASMR