Monday Mayhem Warriors: Captain America’s Human Torch

We’re up after WWE RAW with first impressions, pro wrestling news, Lego updates, and the latest pop culture on our minds live from Sorgatron Media Studio in Pittsburgh, PA!

This week we discuss WWE RAW’s Asuka vs Mickie James, Keith Lee vs Drew McIntyre, Retribution, Braun Strowman, Firefly Funhouse adding Wobbly Walrus and Alexis Bliss from Smackdown, looking back at Sorg’s experience with Warrior Wrestling in Chicago on, and what did Chris Evans show to America?
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Monday Mayhem Warriors 9-7-20: Poly Cult New Mutant Party

Sorg and Mad Mike are joined by Dudders as we talk about the experience at MV Young’s Poly Cult Party 2 in Pittsburgh (Watch it on Twitch Free!) including seeing Effy, the Bundertaker and many Friends of the Show, WWE RAW hurting us again with the Iiconics fighting, Mysterio’s family beat down, Drew McIntyre’s shirt choice, and we go deep into New Mutants and ranking our favorite X-Men films.

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Monday Mayhem Warriors: Beyond Thunderdome

Mainstream Matt returns to chat WWE RAW, the WWE Thunderdome, the Mayhem Mania prediction of the Triconics (Zalina Vega & The Iiconics), Keith Lee’s debut, comparing the “newbies” Pat McAfee, Dominik Mysterio and The Bachelor’s Demi Burnett.

Monday Mayhem Warriors: Funky Night RAW

We’re up after WWE RAW with first impressions, pro wrestling news, Lego updates, and the latest pop culture on our minds. Tonight we tackle the latest from WWE RAW including the idea of Charlotte as the WWE Champion to avenge Ric Flair from Randy Orton, RAW Underground with Shayna Baszler and milk toast Shane McMahon, Retribution has one of us pissed, and we talk about some nice television like Heroes, Harley Quinn, and Future Avengers.

Monday Mayhem Warriors 7/20/20: The One Where We Play Mad Libs

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking about WWE RAW, we look back on the coronavirus era of professional wrestling from the future, play WWE Cinematic Match Mad Libs (via @nugnahrgang on Twitter!), Batman Telltale Games gone wrong and more!

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Monday Mayhem Warriors 7/13/20

Mad Mike and Sorg are chatting about WWE RAW including Shayna Baszler, Dolph Ziggler’s Extreme Rules stipulation, the Eye for an Eye match with Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, Swamp Fight with Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, Star Wars Clone Wars, Percey Jackson, and the Old Guard.

Monday Mayhem Warriors 7/6/20

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking WWE RAW, AEW, Doom Patrol, Avatar the Airbender, and much more!

Monday Mayhem Warriors: The Horrorshow

Mad Mike and Sorg digest wrestling and life as we digest WWE RAW, watching all three John Wick films that featured Kevin Nash at some point, figuring out just what happened on WWE RAW, the Covid-19 worries in pro wrestling and much more in this perfectly adequate Podcast.

Monday Mayhem 6/22/20: Pillars of Goth

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking about a rather wrestling and women’s wrestling frriendly WWE RAW, including the BEAST Ray Row (Viking Experience’s Ivar), Sasha Banks, MVP, the problem with Bobby Lashley and much more.

We also, predictably, talk about something different like who we Stan in Arrowverse, The Craft and the pillars of goth with the help of our chatters and so much more nonsense to start off the week.

Monday Mayhem 6/15/20: R-Drewth

Mad Mike and Sorg are talking WWE Raw including the “dream team” of R-Truth and Drew McIntyre, the women’s wrestling scene, MVP and Bobby Lashley reenacting Impact Wrestling and we dive into That Thing You Do, Arrowverse, and spoil some movies.