WWE RAW Wrap Up 1/4/16: Like Beating Up a 70 Year Old

Sorg, Rizz and Bobby discuss WWE RAW, Roman Reigns vs Sheamus (And Vince McMahon.  And Stephanie McMahon) and the big Royal Rumble announcement!  The Wyatts tease the Apocalypse, the Divas are still questionable with their focus with Charlotte vs Becky Lynch.  The Social Outcast squad takes Adam Rose, Curtis Axle,  Bo Dallas, and Heath Slater in the best and most confusing new faction yet!

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WWE RAW Wrap Up 9/1/14

wwe-raw-logo-1366x768-crop-exact-1616820-300x203 (1)Tonight, Michael Sorg (@sorgatron), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) The Rizz (TheeRizz) and AJ (@ajfrompgh) talk WWE RAW shortly after it goes off air!

We are told to question John Cena’s validity as the opponent of Brock Lesnar.  Did it work?  Brie Bella is responsible for all that’s wrong.  Even the mixing of Diva storylines with the Bellas, Paige, and AJ Lee.  The Usos and Stardust and Godust is amazing.  Rusev, Swagger, Bo Dallas, Mark Henry, and Wyatts all intertwine!   Even Adam Rose’s rabbit had a purpose!

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