Thats right, you read correctly. Tuesday June 3rd we have lined up for you an interview with yet ANOTHER American Gladiator. (Sadly it’s not Crush, but I’m still working on that!……If only she would respond to one of my daily emails….)

But lined up is one of Season 2’s newest, the high-flying, death-defying, you know I’m not lying, brother, ZEN! This high spirited athlete comes out to a plethora of flips and kicks, intimidating even the strongest willed.

Not only an awesome athlete, when this martial arts Russel Crowe steps out of the arena, he spends his time conquering the cityscape in the form of free running. Leaping from building to building and flipping carelessly off of the tallest wall. Zen (Xin Wuku) shows he has the balls to live on the edge. Check out his website for more.

So tune in live on Mayhem Show) or our video stream at name: sorgatron) this Tuesday June 3rd at 8:00 pm EST, and join in on the live fun and bring your questions and we will direct them to Xin himself!