Wrestling Mayhem Show 411: What Does Joe Manganiello Smell Like?

What Does Joe Manganiello Smell Like?

Tonight’s show is harangued by Will (@DJLunchbox), Bobby (@BobbyFJtown), Mike (@MadMike4883), Wheelz @HotwheelzRWA), Matt Carlins (@MattCarlins) with a late appearance by Andrew Palace (@TheAndrewPalace).

– Mayhem Mail: @bigppc – via DJ Lunchbox
– We’re all pretty excited about the Andre the Giant Memorial Inaugural 30-Man Battle Royal!
– Slam City. We need more of this!
– Chachi vs. WWE Network. He’s watching a show a day and providing his thoughts (some with photos).
– More discussion of the artist formerly known as CM Punk and his appearance on Talking Dead.
– Segue to @Midnight appearances.
– WWE Wanderers: Brock Lesner, Chris Jericho, The Rock, etc. Will CM Punk become a “consultant” level performer?
– Remember When: Favorite Celebrity Moment
Wheelz: Limp Bizkit doing the Undertaker’s theme
Rizz: Billy Martin guest ring announcing
Mike: Miller Light Cat Fight Girls
Carlins: Flo Rida
Bobby: Maria Menounos
LB: Liberace
Sorg: Morton Downey, Jr.
– We’re JR’s “neighbors” on ProWrestlingTees.com!
– Will we see an Evolution event at Mania with HHH v. Batista v. Orton?
– And…the Shield…to believe or not to believe. That is the question.
– What we learned this week:
Bobby: JBL may be Cranky Vince.
Carlins: Rules that govern behavior do not apply to HHH – and discussions with children must now be had.
LB: HHH is at his best when he is saying real things and not fluff.
Mike: I don’t hate Summer Ray yet (Total Divas) and I’ll thank WWE for that.
Rizz: Holy crap Slam City is weird.
Wheelz: You should not trust a McMahon/Helmsley regime ever. If you think they’re arguing, it’s just foreplay – building up to revenge sex.
Sorg: NWO era is not as good as I remember watching old stuff on WWE Network.
Palace: I learned a lot about McMahon/Helmsley sexual preferences and the group of podcasters who follow that stuff.
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