WWE RAW Wrap Up 3/29/16: Shaker Tane

Eamon Paton, Mad Mike, Bobbyfjtown, and Sorgatron talk about the hot kick off with Shane McMahon and Undertaker squaring off, Dean Ambrose and his little red wagon and toys he may use in his No Holds Barred match, The Total Divas crazy 5 way match with Eva Marie and Emma joining the fun, women’s wrestling with Becky Lynch and Charlotte, Buh Buh Ray Dudley going into Bully Ray mode lately, and does Roman Reigns and Triple H end WrestleMania?


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Wrestling Mayhem Show 433: Rise Above Germans

WMS433This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 433, we talk all the latest headlines and more in pro wrestling, including:

  • Discussion about our obsession with WWE Supercard. –  7:50
  • Who we want to have beat and who actually will beat Brock Lesnar. – 16:50
  • Remember When: High profile squash matches. – 40:45
  • Bully Ray possibly leaving TNA. Who could be TNA’s next big star? – 51:36
  • Discussion of what Bully Ray’s next move could be.
  • A break down of what happened at SummerSlam. – 1:05:00
  • What we learned from wrestling.

*times based on video version. May by different after Remember When on audio

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TNA Impact Aftershow 1/30/14

tna impact wrestlingThe crew talks about TNA Impact Wrestling minutes after the show goes off the air!  On this episode we play Cards Against Humanity, find out why everyone is so violent, act out a scene from the Bully Ray/Ken Anderson feud and send out an ultimatum to TNA fans


TNA Impact Aftershow 12/12/13

tna impact wrestling

The crew returns to format with 1 word descriptions, talk about the Feast or Fired match, asks what two gimmick matches you would put together, Rockstar Spud having his breakout moment, the latest from Bully Ray and Ken Anderson, the Jeff Hardy Spoken Word album we all want, Joseph Parks, and COPS!

TNA Impact Aftershow 10-31-13

The crew discusses TNA Impact’s Halloween edition, the fans that take away from the action in Salt Lake City, Kurt Angle’s seizure inducing “injury”, Ken Anderson’s odd beat down, and more!

TNA Impact Aftershow 10/24/13



The crew talks the first TNA Impact Wrestling after Bound for Glory, and the problems with TNA Contracts, how much AJ Styles would do for a WWE Contract, which includes a helicopter, the match you would see in Hell, and Impact Wrestling Sponsorships!

TNA Bound for Glory Post Show



The crew goes pros/cons on the entire TNA Bound for Glory and where some of what happened on Bound for Glory can go from here….


Watch as Mad Mike, Rizz, and AJ talk about the excellent wrestling of bound for glory. Then listen as they struggle to explain the immensely frustrating booking of all the finishes.

TNA Impact Aftershow 10/17/13



The crew represents themselves appropriately with twitter handles, analyzes the money exchanges you see on TV, and take a look at TNA Bound for Glory in an extended look.

Impact Wrestling Wrap Up 8/29/13

Another headache inducing Wrap Up with our country spanning panel! TNA_Impact_Wrestling_0001

Wrestling Mayhem Show 362: Still Waiting To Be Verified

WMS362This week SorgWrestlefanBobbyfjtown, and Rizz are gearing up for WrestleMania along with the metric ton of fanmail, look at Indies from all around, look back at WrestleMania hype of the past, applaud TNA’s resurgence of the Dudleys, as well as new WWE stars on Twitter stealing the show, and so much more!

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 WMS Gold: Sorg teaches Wrestlefan about the uprising of Multimedia CD-Rom.

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