Wrestling Mayhem Show 557: Six Crazy Months

We’ve got ROH Top Prospect entrant, Chris LeRusso, on for Wrestling Mayhem Show 557.  He is joined by Sorg, Aaron, Rizz, Bobby, Matt, Mad Mike, and Rob, as we talk what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week!


  • Chris LeRusso is sharing some thoughts about his Ring of Honor Top Prospects Tournament nomination.
  • Speaking of Ring of Honor, they will be in Pittsburgh in a few weeks. We’re excited – maybe not as excited as Chris LeRusso though.
  • We’re discussing some of the fond memories of the last time Ring of Honor was in town.
  • Bobby missed the IWC Reset Button chance to face Chris LeRusso.
  • We’re envisioning Great Khali giving Rizz some ultra chops!
  • Chris LeRusso is sharing some thoughts about his match last year with Tatanka at Night of the Superstars.
  • Chris LeRusso is sharing some of his mark out moments in the ring.
  • Speaking of markout moments Chris LeRusso is also sharing his in-ring moment with Chris Jericho thanks to Sam Elias.
  • There’s a WWE PPV this weekend? That’s right! Elimination Chamber is Sunday!
  • We’re talking about some changes in the Elimination Chamber for this weekend.
  • We’re talking about who we think will win and who we want to win at Elimination Chamber.
  • We’re back with our Big Question: What would you book for half time heat?
  • It’s time for Mayhem Mania. Matt is explaining the rules like he would to a child or Chris LeRusso.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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The Chopping is Infectious

It’s amazing how much we’ve influenced the Podcamp scene over the years.  As we displayed the other day with our own videos, this phenomenon of “chopping” our social media friends is just as strong as in Podcamp Pittsburgh 1.  This year, Uncle Crappy, DrScooter, and DaCheet joined our little “club” of victims.   But the most amazing thing is that, aside from during our won Grassroots Podcasting session with ShouldIDrinkThat, we don’t encourage it outwardly.  When a colleague, or new face, comes up to one of us and asks “can I get chopped”, there are a few things that run through our heads.  1. This guy is crazy. and 2. Sure!

Anyways, this was a long lead into DahCheet’s round of videos displaying just that fact.