Cody Deaner Update

I was surprised this morning to find a new email from our most recent Friend of the Show, Cody Deaner.  It seems there’s been some changes.  Here’s what I received from his press release he passed along…

I am “The Everyman”

I fight for every man.

I am a “Working Class Warrior.”

I fight for those who no one else will fight for.

I fight for those who see no justice in this world.

I take justice into my own hands.

I fight for justice.

I fight for you.

I am “The Everyman.”

Check out for brand new pictures and video of Cody Deaner’s new look. See a NEW MAN. See … “The Everyman.”

“The Everyman” Cody Deaner . . . Coming Soon from Cameron Maddox on Vimeo.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 205: Feathered. But Dangerous

It’s back to the Skype lines!  This week, Sorg and DJLunchbox are joined by former TNA Wrestling talent, Cody Deaner on this special Valentine’s Week Edition of the Wrestling Mayhem Show!  We have a long talk with Deaner this holiday of love about his work in TNA with ODB, his exit from the company, meeting Woody Woodpecker, and a surprise redneck secret.

Mad Mike joins us to talk about comedian wrestlers, RAW, TNA Impact, Knockouts, Divas, tag divisions, and much, much more..

This is Episode 205 for Tuesday, February 9, 2010. You can get the episode here on Talkshoe, subscribe to the audio or video versions  iTunes, look us up on Youtube, Roku, or Boxee, and as always, stay tuned for the latest! The Wrestling Mayhem Show is recorded live and can be heard/viewed from 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern on Talkshoe.comand Let us know what you think of the show, and your thoughts on the wrestling world by emailing us at [email protected]! Don’t forget you can find links related to the show’s news stories and more at our Delicious Links Page for Episode 205!

Fan of the Week: Mrs Deaner

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WMS 205 Preview: The Deaner

Next on the Wrestling Mayhem Show, we welcome recent TNA star, Cody Deaner.  “The Deaner” has been wrestling since 2000 across the independents, challenged Kurt Angle in his old “Gold Medal Challenges”, and his recent experience in TNA with ODB, and his unrecognized Knockouts championship “reign”.

Leave your questions and comments for the show at g[email protected] or 412-206-WMS0 (412-206-9670)!