Mayham Mania 2020: Round 1

This. Is. Mayhem Mania!

This is the ultimate fantasy booking game. The goal is to create the best WrestleMania card possible – not necessarily to predict what WWE will do. That means we must play by the rules of our current reality. Everyone comes in their current (physical, emotional, psychological, etc.) state. Bottom line, if Vince McMahon can do it, we can do it.

It’s Round 1 of Mayhem Mania 2020. We have 8 matches on our card and it’s time to let our players start making some improvements (we hope) to it. Each of them get to make one change. That can be as simple as swapping out one match for another with entirely new personnel. Or, our players can get a little more creative and swap just one person or team out and into the existing matches. They can also add a person or team to an existing match. The only real limit is the imagination of our players. (more…)

WMS Wrap Up 1/21/19: Pogo Stick Steiner

Larry, Mad Mike and Sorg are kicking off the week talking about Hurricane ShaneHelmsCom at International Wrestling Cartel – IWC this weekend, R-Truth in a closet, his vacation with Carmella, Larry watches Scott Steiner on a Pogo stick for the first time, Rhonda Rousey math, Sasha Banks, Curt Hawkins referee skills, WWE Royal Rumble 2019 prep and more!


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Wrestling Mayhem Show 535: Daddy’s Home

This week:

  • It’s the Week of Heels!  Starting with The Miz and his incredible work with Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack! Is this a heel renaissance?
  • Kevin Owens is the new WWE Universal Champion.  And Triple H is home to keep the kids in line.
  • Why Carmella turning on Nikki Bella is best for Fabulous.
  • Big Question: Who should be the next to return to WWE Smackdown in the vein of Rhyno, the Headbangers, and Curt Hawkins?
  • We attempt to have a civil discussion about Impact Wrestling
  • If you were to recast the Roddy Piper and Jesse Ventura Pilot, Tag Team, who would it be?
  • Why should you care about PWG Battle of Los Angeles and Chikara’s King of Trios?
  • We learned things in wrestling this week!

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