Wrestling Mayhem Show 598: Pale Leader, Badass Brunette, Hot Blonde

The Heir Apparent, Chris LeRusso, graces us with his presence this week! He is joined by Sorg, Bobby, Larry, and Mad Mike to talk this week in wrestling, including:WMS

The most interesting news of the week – it’s like a real life Sold Out, but it’ll be better. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are booking their own show guys!
We’re talking some interesting speculations on this Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks show.
It’s amazing what difference seating arrangements can make for a wrestling show.
Stephen Amell can do anything with wrestling, and we’re okay with it.
We’re taking a bit of a deep dive into some thoughts on Delirious.
Sooo….Absolution, huh?
With the call-up, NXT has to restock. We have some thoughts.
The 2018 PPV schedule has been released. There’s some good news in this, guys.
This week’s Big Question: What is the match that made you feel the most awkward watching it?
We realize there are a TON of circumstances in wrestling that are kinda awkward.
What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 341: PPVs on Mimeograph

Wrestling Mayhem Show 341 This week Sorg, Chachi, Papa Lunchbox, Wheelz and Wrestlefan talk ROH and other Indy News, Remember Fan Altercations, CM Punk vs @DarioTeyes, Bullying in Wrestling, Anger directed at TNA PPVs, and so much more!

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Indy Video: Delirious Tast of Revenge

found by WrestleFan, this is a sign of Ring of Honor doing something right, and the least Delirious has had to say…