Indy Mayhem Show: Magnum CK’s Magnum’s Opus

Magnum CK returns to the show to talk about his newest documentary “Magnum’s Opus”. We talk about what he’s been up to since his in ring retirement at AIW, the transition from the “Marking Out” documentary equal to what this has become, and some fond memories of working with Papa Shango, and Victor Benjamin over that years.

You can find “Magnum’s Opus” on Youtube and Amazon Prime starting April 9!   Follow @themagnumck on Twitter for the latest!

Indy Mayhem Show 189: The Oil Wrestler

We learn about the long heritage of Turkish Oil Wrestling with the people behind the upcoming film “The Oil Wrestler” narrated by Colt Cabana. We chat with the subject of the film, Gokhan Mekik and director Brian Felsen about this film that follows Gokhan as he discovers and prepares to participate in the 600 year old tournament in Turkey.

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Indy Mayhem Show 174: Magnum CK

We finally got Magnum CK locked down to talk with him about where he’s come from and what he’s up to these days. And, boy does he have a story. Magnum shares an early memory of wrestling that involves Hulk Hogan and a purse – but, that’s not even the best story on this week’s episode. He talks about some great interactions with wrestling dynamos like Matt Hardy and Dusty Rhodes, a documentary he was part of, taking a break from wrestling, some insight into his character development, and more!

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Review: Memphis Heat

Back in June, I had the fortune to talk with the director of Memphis Heat,  Chad Schaffler, as the film was taking a tour of theaters around the title’s region.  Just the bit that I had to talk with Chad about the phenomenon of Memphis “Rasslin'” gave me a sense of the energy and excitement of those memories.

Well, I shared some of that enthusiasm when a copy of Memphis Heat showed up in my mailbox the other day, and I’d been scraping for a moment to watch the movie.  This is what you would hope.  A complete retrospective with the names you know from the area, Jerry Lawler, Jerry Jarrett, Rocky Johnson, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Valient (who is easily mistaken for Tommy Chong).  But the laundry list of other stars of the area that I’d never really gotten to know.

As a longtime fan, this disc delved into just where guys like Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler came from.  It was the perfect companion to reading Lawler’s book all those years ago (and might lead to me re-reading it with this context).  Stories from the road, about the crazy crowds, and wars between promotions, and even a departure to WWF.  When the movie was done, I sat through all of the outtakes from the interviews.

In an era when WWE is releasing revisionist history DVDs of WCW, World Class Championship Wrestling, ECW, and AWA, it’s nice to see something straight from the source, and from what I understand, one of the few libraries not currently owned by the big WWE.  If you’re big into reading everything you can get your hands on about life in wrestling, this is a great flick.

You can find the trailer, and a shop for the DVD and book it was based on, at

Hard Knocks Trailer

Just wanted to share a trailer for Hard Knocks that I’m pretty excited for.  Check them out on Myspace.