Wrestling Mayhem Show 636: The Ty Cross Recognition Episode

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We’ve got Rizz, Mad Mike, and Sorg on the show this week with a full chat room to talk about so many things that have happened in professional wrestling this week, including:

  • IMPACT had a meeting with WWE?
  • No one actually died on IMPACT…just their careers.
  • The Dusty Rhodes puppet at the Performance Center tweet was a tug at the heart strings this week.
  • We’re talking Brie Bella and Liv Morgan coming up in the trends and highlights on social media.
  • Back and to the left.
  • My favorite Bella is John Cena.
  • Wrestling is hard, you guys.
  • The divas are hurting the women’s evolution in WWE.
  • Sorg was checking out some Welterweight Wrestling and had some interesting conversations with the guys on the show.
  • We’re talking about a darker side of wrestling – deathmatch shows.
  • Wrestling – without a ring?
  • Comparing deathmatch to Kaiju Big Battel.
  • Wrestling is a subjective art form.
  • This week’s Big Question (inspired by our friend Alex and his wrestling at a rodeo): What is the weirdest wrestling you’ve seen?
  • Zach Gowen had one leg more than this other wrestler that crossed our radar this week.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

BONUS CONTENT: Wheelz brought up a botched rope spot video that made our crew chuckle at various points throughout the week.

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Indy Mayhem Show 174: Magnum CK

We finally got Magnum CK locked down to talk with him about where he’s come from and what he’s up to these days. And, boy does he have a story. Magnum shares an early memory of wrestling that involves Hulk Hogan and a purse – but, that’s not even the best story on this week’s episode. He talks about some great interactions with wrestling dynamos like Matt Hardy and Dusty Rhodes, a documentary he was part of, taking a break from wrestling, some insight into his character development, and more!

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Mid Week War 10/13/16: WWE NXT

Mad Mike and Eamon Paton are back are we are here to talk NXT. We will be discussing not only what happened between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe, but what WWE announced for Takeover: Toronto! We also talk the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament and the debuting Sanity.

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WWE RAW Wrap Up 1/18/16: Royal Rumble Outliers

This week, we talk WWE RAW, consider that if Paul Heyman can’t make Chris Jericho entertaining, Sorg is turning in his Jerichoholic chips.  The New Day hold a funeral for Francesco the Trombone and turn in a great match with a music hating Uso Brother, Becky Lynch delivers a great interaction with Ric Flair and Charlotte in the best (?) Divas build in a bit.  We take a diversion to talk about some of the great promos ( Hard Times, Tear in my Eye, The Beat Goes On…Hogan Heel turn promo), Team NXT failures: Neville, Ascension, and Tyler Breeze, the saddest 8 Man Team, and the Outliers we could see win the Royal Rumble.

This week’s RAW Recappers include Sorg (@sorgatron), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) and Bobbyfjtown (@bobbyfjtown)


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Wrestling Mayhem Show 474: John Cena’s a Flood

John Cena is a flood - kevin owens - wrestling mayhem showThis week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 474, we talk all the latest headlines and more in pro wrestling, including:

  • Dusty Rhodes memories
  • Kevin Owens being a top guy in WWE
  • The Big Question: What current WWE wrestler would you remove to make the product better?
  • TNA Impact’s scheduling
  • What we learned from wrestling

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Mayhem Minute: RIP Dusty Rhodes

Sorg looks back at his memories of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 391: A Ralphus Situation

WMS391This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 391, we have our cast featuring DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please) Mike (@madmike4883) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). On this weeks show:

  • We talk about Xavier Woods and other NXT wrestler’s big league debuts.
  • We talk about the lack of heel commentators in pro wrestling.
  • We discuss TNA wrestlers making matches without any governing body’s say.
  • We talk about if there is still a brand split in wwe and the different storylines going on within their product.
  • On The indy minute, we talk about the plethora of indy shows upcoming around the United States! Shows from NWA, IWC, Anarchy Championship Wrestling, Prime Wrestling, PWG, Wrestling is Heart and upcoming Shimmer tapings. We also discuss the past week’s Inspire Pro and RWA shows.
  • We talk In Remember When? About our memories of the Rhodes family.
  • We have a roundtable discussion on a variety of wrestling related topics, and let the world know what we learned from wrestling!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 389: Ole

WMS389On episode 389 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please), Mike (@madmike4883) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) talk pro wrestling. On this weeks show:

  • We talk TNA Impact Wrestling. Will it turn around? What can turn it around? Find out our casts answers.
  • Los Matadores! Get our thoughts on this gimmick.
  • We talk what indy guys we think could help TNA out.
  • We talk negatively on Reby Sky.
  • We talk about the #Iamchikara campaign.
  • Bo Diggity sends a voicemail to the show. Hear what he has to say!
  • We discuss indy wrestling! Sorg talks about an IWC show this past weekend and an upcoming event from this promotion. Eamon talks about the St. Louis Anarchy Mortality of War show on October 4th and the Wrestling is Awesome shows on the 5th and 6th of October.
  • We remember wrestling’s most charismatic characters. DJ Lunchbox brought up Jake “The Snake” Roberts and his cerebral monologues. Mike remembered “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and a promo he cut on The Honkey Tonk Man. Eamon remembered Edge and his believable promos. Lastly, Sorg mentioned Rocky Maivia and his electrifying promos.
  • We talk about the Battleground PPV coming up this Sunday! What matches are we excited for? Find out our answers!
  • We have a discussion revolving around Ryback/Paul Heyman/Darren Young/Billy and Chuck.
  • We have a roundtable and talk all things wrestling and what we learned.

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