What We Just Discovered About Lucha Underground Will Blow Your Mind

Last week, Lucha Underground co-executive producer Chris DeJoseph joined the Wrestling Mayhem Show crew for a special edition of the Mid-Week War.

During our talk, Chris gave us a big clue into one of Lucha Underground’s biggest mysteries – the seven Aztec tribes.

“You can tell what they are if you look at the seven ancient Aztec medallions.”


This is the Gift of the Gods championship, and you can quickly begin to make some assumptions based on the seven medallions.

We poured over hours of Lucha Underground episodes over the past few days, searching for these symbols (no doubt overlooking many other clues hidden in plain sight). What we discovered in that short amount of time stunnedus.

If you’re not up to speed on your Lucha Underground Season 3 viewing, consider this a SPOILER ALERT. Otherwise, what follows is nothing more than some highly informed speculation. We have no knowledge of the actual events and episodes that have yet to air. (more…)

Mid Week War 10/13/16: Lucha Underground

Mad Mike and Eamon Paton are back to talk Lucha Underground! We talk about Chavo Guerrero and El Dragon Azteca Jr. both trying to get revenge on Pentagon Dark, and how Rey Mysterio plays into it all. We talk about the Worldwide Underground’s attempts to get the Gift of the Gods from Sexy Star, and also Mascarita Sagrada was in a sidecar, this is not a drill people!!!

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Mid Week War 7/14/16: Lucha Underground​ Ultima Lucha Dos (Part 2) w/ Chris DeJoseph & Vampiro!

This week, Mad Mike, Eamon Paton & Matt Carlins, along with Co-Executive Producer for Lucha Underground Chris DeJoseph dive into the second part of Ultima Lucha! We crown a new Gift Of The Gods Champion, see a debut in Night Claw, watch Mil Muertes & King Cuerno battle it out in a Death Match, and see how Mr. Cisco’s sting operation went (Spoiler Alert: Not Very Good).

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