Wrestling Mayhem Show 617: Jake The Snake Walks Into A Bar

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It’s a full house (of sorts) as we’re joined by MaxXouT heading into the Millvale Music Festival in a couple of weeks.  They are joined by Sorg, Larry, and Mad Mike this week as we talk about: WMS

  • Sorg is reminiscing about that time he directed Virgil for a music video with our guests MaxXouT.
  • Imagine trying to do some work in a professional setting and getting a dude calling you and yelling wrestling stuff into the phone. *cough* Virgil *cough*
  • MaxXouT has a Jake the Snake story, too?!?!
  • When you realize your wrestling connection with MaxXouT gets even tighter when they went to an IWC show you worked.
  • MaxXouT is kicking around the idea of having Virgil help with their merch table at the Millvale Music Festival.
  • The greatest of Royal Rumble events happened.
  • Thanks to Larry for being our Middle East correspondent helping us keep things straight for the Greatest Royal Rumble.
  • We touch on some of the politics involved with the Greatest Royal Rumble.
  • Backlash is this weekend, and we’re getting a Samoan vs Samoan match.
  • So…another cross-promotional PPV.
  • This week’s Big Question: Which legacy wrestlers have filled their family shoes the best, and which haven’t?
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 573: A Rightful Sacrifice

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, Madmike, and Wheelz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 573, and they’re talking about what’s happening, including:


  • We’re continuing our sad Enzo series on tonight’s show.
  • The Revival is working on their album.
  • We’ve got Sorg and Mad Mike doing Enzo and Cass impressions live on air.
  • Is Enzo violating the wellness policy – by not being well?
  • Kurt Angle needs the Fashion Police to crack his mystery.
  • Sorg turned the tables on Mad Mike with Two Truths and A Lie.
  • Our first Womens Money In The Bank? We have some thoughts.
  • We’ve got an over/under going on whether or not Natalya is legit hurt.
  • Wait…Renee Young wears a wig?
  • The Fashion Police went a new direction tonight.
  • Speaking of Fashion Police, Tyler Breeze in a dress. We’re thanking Southpaw Regional Wrestling for character dev.
  • Dear WWE, give us a Halloween special where you give us a Southpaw Wrestling holiday show for a night.
  • Southpaw characters come from the past into the present and do a Survivor Series match against some new gimmicks.
  • Who caught the R-Truth and Goldust segment?
  • We’re pitching Golden Summer with Summer as the new Marlena.
  • Is this Goldust’s retirement push?
  • We’re calling a Hollywood feud – Miz v Goldust.
  • Randy Orton apparently RKOd his kid this week.
  • How many RKOs can you get into a match? Someone tried testing that theory.
  • We’re talking about some Money In The Bank, because that’s still a thing.
  • Cody Rhodes defending Goldust on twitter made our day!
  • This week’s Big Question – inspired by Southpaw Wrestling – which previous gimmick would you revert someone to?
  • Do yourselves a favor – watch Luchasaurus. Sorg just derailed the show for it.
  • Sorg and the guys are breaking down Table of Three.
  • Extreme Rules is happening this weekend. We’re talking about some of our expectations.
  • Will we finally get Broken Hardys this weekend?
  • What did YOU learn from wrestling this week?

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Mid Week War 8/25/16: Impact Wrestling on PopTV

Mad Mike and Eamon Paton talk about Impact Wrestling this week. We saw the main event of Ethan Carter going against Drew Galloway with a Bound for Glory title match on the line and Aron Rex as the special referee. We saw a battle royal to see who Lashley would fight next. We have a new Knockouts Champion in Allie, and DJZ has a war of words with Eli Drake. Also the Broken Hardy Brothers confront Decay.

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