Monday Mayhem Wrestling Wrap Up LIVE: 2/24/20: It Was Nice Knowing That Referee

Mad Mike and Sorg are in the middle of the Monday Night Hangover as we chat about All Elite Wrestling‘s Wardlow and Steel Cage dubuts, KSWA Wrestling‘s 20th Anniversary with Mayor Bill Peduto in attendance, Referee Jake Clemons‘ interesting influence on WWE Raw, Joaquin Wilde‘s first match, Max the Impaler at IMPACT Wrestling and how we have the best ladies in the world.

Mid Week War 6/18/15: Impact Wrestling

Mad Mike is here to close out Wednesday night’s wrestling craziness by talking about the awesomeness of Ethan Carter 3rd, Eric Young, and believe it or not Jesse Godderz on the microphone, also we will break down Austin Aries and Bobby Roode being #DirtyHeels, and what is going on with the Knockout’s champion Taryn Terrell?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 385: Together We Have A Big Show Cry…

WMS385On episode 385 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please), straw poll winner Jessica (@LegKickTKO) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron) talk pro wrestling. On this weeks show:

  • The cast talks some fantasy booking. Where are the current angles going?
  • Has Hogan been given enough power to make TNA better? The cast discusses.
  • What do you want in your wrestler: a talker or a good worker? The cast examines this question.
  • DJ Lunchbox and Jessica read “The Ballad of Allen Jones.”
  • What faction past or present, would you want to help Daniel Bryan? Find out who the cast would have save Bryan!
  • Who will be called up next from NXT? The crew gives their thoughts on this question.
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  • In the indy minute this week, we talk about Inspire Pro Wrestling, which featured Eamon! -Kyle O’Reilly won the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament. -Who is The Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling? Eamon lets you know! -Lastly, ROH will be in Chattanooga and Birmingham on September 6th and 7th, friend of the show Ray Rowe will be featured!
  • In remember when this week, the crew thinks back to some moments featuring the Big Show at his worst! DJ Lunchbox remembers a Big Show/Kurt Angle moment, Sorg remembers The Big Bossman stealing Big Show’s dad’s coffin, Eamon remembered a moment where his mom got to see Big Show get his head shaved, Jessica remembers Alberto Del Rio hitting him with a car and a racial slur Big Show might have said once.
  • Mad Mike gives a moment of madness to the world!
  • Ryback going corporate, What to do with Big Show, Twitter issues, Chris Jericho and sex robots, the Mayhem Show discusses these topics!
  • Baby Big Show, watching NXT and what we learned from wrestling! The Mayhem Show does a “roundtable”!
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Wrestling Mayhem Show 384: Be A Star, Spray Paint A Car

WMS384On episode 384 of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, we have our panel featuring DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Eamon (@eamon2please), straw poll co-winners Mad Mike (@madmike4883) and Jessica (@LegKickTKO) along with Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).

  • What if Viacom owned the majority stake in TNA? Would it get better? The cast discusses.
  • Crush Hour, Vince’s car getting concrete poured in it, the cast remembers moments of vandalism/attempted murder with vehicles in wrestling!
  • Is a new corporation on the rise? The cast thinks it could be happening.
  • Will Daniel Bryan get some allies? Who could they be? Find out what the cast thinks!
  • AJ Lee drops a pipebomb on Total Divas! The cast discusses the aftermath.
  • The Mayhem crew reads some wrestling related poems.
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  • In the indy minute this week, we talk about IWC’s two programs in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The cards featured great matches including cage matches, Fish and Rowe fighting twice as well as Zema Ion and Justin LaBar getting into it a bit.
  • Eamon talks about some big events this weekend. The Battle of LA from PWG and Inspire Pro! This Inspire Pro show features some Eamon on commentary! Check out Eamon on the mic!
  • CM Punk got brutalized this past Monday on RAW. The crew here discusses memories they have of surprising moments of brutality. Jessica talks about Undertaker trying to embalm Stone Cold. Eamon talks about Eddie Guerrero losing way too much blood in a match with JBL. Mad Mike remembered an “I Quit” match between John Cena and the Miz. Sorg remembered Edge and Mick Foley’s infamous flaming table incident.
  • Total Divas/WWE: Do they have the same audience? Does the audience rollover from one show to the other? The cast has a round table discussion on these important questions.
  • What did Eamon think of Daniel Bryan’s actions on RAW?
  • The cast talks about what Triple H’s future role is on RAW.
  • TNA talk! For a second.
  • What did we learn from wrestling? Find out!

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