Indy Mayhem Show: Intergender Wrestling Panel

This week we’re joined with a special panel including women’s wrestlers Jinx and HoneyBadger, Ryse Wrestling booker Marcus Mann, and the PWTorch “Talking Honor” Podcast’s Emily Fear. We are talking about the state of integender wrestling including the history of Chyna in WWE, the presentation of Lucha Underground, how Ryse Wrestling addresses intergender wrestling, booking issues they hope to still overcome, and more in this hour long conversation!

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Indy Mayhem Show: Londyn Ali

This week we chat with women’s pro wrestler Londyn Ali in the studio to discuss her introduction into wrestling, being involved in intergender wrestling, the state of women’s wrestling, working with Ryse Wrestling and more!

Share your feelings on indy wrestling and tell us who we should talk to on the show via e-mail at [email protected]!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 536: So what do you REALLY think of Smackdown?

  • We take a look at the upcoming WWE Backlash!
  • Is Dean Ambrose the worst WWE Heavyweight Champion?
  • Dolph Ziggler’s vibe, Heath Slater’s family, Alexa Bliss, and more!
  • Are the split brand WWE shows running into the same problems as before?
  • Big Question: Who would you pluck from another fed and drop into WWE NXT to flourish a la Bobby Roode?
  • Could the WWE ever embrace intergender wrestling as Chikara and Lucha Underground do?
  • The state of the Mid Week.  Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and the Cruiserweight Classic!
  • We learned things in wrestling this week!

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