Indy Mayhem Show 165: Jake Garrett

This week we talk with long time wrestler and booker for Black Diamond Wrestling, Jake Garrett to the show!   We talk growing up on wrestling, training at Shane Douglas’s ECW affiliated school, the history of Pittsburgh area wrestling promotions, booking for 11 years and the challenge of keeping it fresh in a typical indy wrestling promotion.

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 575: I Don’t Deep Dive Doinks

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, and Pro Wrestler/Booker Jake Garrett for Wrestling Mayhem Show 575, and they’re talking about what’s happening in pro wrestling this week, including:

  • GLOW is coming to Netflix.  What was the original show it was based off of like?
  • We introduce Larry to Wrestlicious!
  • That bear wrestling on WWE RAW has our attention
  • We look at this weekend’s Money in the Bank event
  • We look at the history of Doink the Clown
  • Big Question: Who would you add to current tag teams to create The New Day or Freebirds style trios?
  • How much do big sporting events like the NBA Finals affect WWE RAW writing?
  • What did we learn from wrestling this week?

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