This week, we’re premiering our footage from Chikara’s Fanclave, where we were fortunate enough to be allowed to talk with a number of talented people from the weekend’s King of Trios!  We have footage of Mike Quackenbush, Christopher Daniels, Johnny Gargano, Matt Cross, Daisuke Sekimoto of Big Japan, Bryce Remsberg, and a surprising fan. All this and clips from Chikareoke, and my battle with Stever the Turtleweiner!  Also, be sure to catch the Chikara Podcast A-Go-Go for more Conclave footage, and some cameos by WMS crew….

If you want a small preview, fans with the WMS Gold app on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad got a preview in WMS 216’s bonus content! Drop by and grab it if you have a compatible device!

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