WWE RAW Wrap Up 2/18/14

wwe rawTalking WWE RAW minutes after the show with the crew of the Wrestling Mayhem Show! The crew talks about the amazing happenings with Cesaro vs John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs Christian. Take a look at the Elimination Chamber, and and will Sting really be around for WWE Network?


WWE RAW Wrap Up 1/20/13

wwe rawTalking WWE RAW after the go home show for Royal Rumble! We talk about the odd getaway scene with Randy Orton and why it took so long for John Cena to get to the arena, why wasn’t there a Rumble brawl, and how do we make the Royal Rumble a poll amongst our crew?

WWE RAW Wrap Up 1/13/14

wwe rawTalking Monday Night RAW Minutes after it goes off air!  This week, we talk Daniel Bryan, The Wyatts finding their stride, talk about Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame and who should go along, why the Macho Man isn’t in yet, Kofi Kingston and the break down of our champions with Randy Orton, and more!


WWE RAW Wrap Up 11/25/13

wwe raw

The crew talks RAW.  OR Survivor Series Part 2.   Roman Reigns and the Shield are the future of main events, no one cares about Danial Bryan, and more!


WWE RAW Wrap Up 11/4/13

wwe raw


We talk about the new Kane in a suit, @JBLCommentator, the amazing 6 man tag, the prospect of John Cena bringing up Smackdown and the classic heels, who can really take a small package, and what does a del rio do?

RAW Wrap Up 10/28/13

wwe raw

The crew talks about Big Show taking over the Yes chants, the CM Punk and Danial Bryan Wyatt encounters, tag team wrestling and women’s wrestling being showcased, and much more!