Wrestling Mayhem Show 628: Women Talking Women’s Wrestling

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Our Impact Therapy group needed some therapy from their therapy, so we’re returning to our regularly-scheduled podcasting.  This week Mad Mike and Sorg are joined by Honey Badger and Lola Bradbury to get some perspective on current things in wrestling, including:

  • Sorg went to a tech and podcast conference – – and saw Colt Cabana.
  • In case you missed it, WWE is focusing on women with their recent announcements.
  • We’re talking some thoughts on an all women PPV.
  • Is this women’s PPV in response to the Greatest Royal Rumble where there were NO women?
  • Who should be the commentary team for WWE Evolution?
  • Sometimes the WWE mold doesn’t fit. Thankfully it’s constantly evolving and we’re seeing new things.
  • Elias made it to some top charts with his debut CD.
  • RIP to Nikolai Volkoff, Brian Lawler, and Brickhouse Brown.
  • Kaiju has a Kickstarter – and Sorg wants everyone to get on board.
  • Matt Cross visited the OG Lucha Underground temple.
  • Cody Rhodes offered to help a fan get to All In.
  • Mad Mike is pitching the PERFECT John Morrison merch!
  • This week’s Big Question – What is your dream main event for WWE Evolution?
  • Honey Badger had an interesting experience at Revenge Pro.
  • What did you learn in wrestling?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 569: Room Of Hanging Babies


There were some, let’s say interesting, things in wrestling this week! Sorg, Chad the Shad, and Bobby F J-Town are joined by the incomparable The Gavel David Lawless, Esq. for Wrestling Mayhem Show 569 to talk what’s happening, including:

  • Breaking news from Bobby: Sand is hot.
  • Wrestling happened. We’re starting out with some X-Pac talk.
  • David Lawless is sharing his legal expertise on the X-Pac charges.
  • We’re learning a ton of stuff from this week’s guest David Lawless.
  • We’re learning just how connected Pittsburgh is in wrestling.
  • We’re moving from law to real estate. We promise this IS a wrestling podcast.
  • WMS is putting together a new Kickstarter to raise funds to purchase THE House of Horrors.
  • House of Horrors is pretty much what Sawtooth Willie’s house would be like if he didn’t live in the underground.
  • We’re doing some math about Payback and daylight hours.
  • House of Horrors had some disconnect. We’re sharing our thoughts.
  • Uber, how did Randy Orton get from House of Horrors so quickly? Was the driver able to find him easily?
  • Aside from House of Horrors, we’re talking about the rest of Payback.
  • We’re seeing WWE giving some great opportunities to people who otherwise may not have much push with the shake up.
  • WWE is jam-packed with talent and it’s a matter of sustaining the entertainment. Shake up is a way to do that.
  • The WWE backstage segments are fun again, guys!
  • In case anyone missed it, David Otunga is off filming a movie.
  • Did anyone catch the RAW Wrap Up with Mad Mike and “Sorg” last night?
  • Chris LeRusso and David Lawless have a few things in common.
  • WWE Network will be more than it has been. We’re talking some options.
  • In Nigel’s defense, he is surrounded by many ROH names on NXT.
  • We’re talking character development of Roderick Strong.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro are doing well together, but need to be more cohesive as a tag team.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro can combine a reverse atomic drop into a brogue kick! (Thanks John Ashbaugh from chat.)
  • It’s this week’s Big Question: Who would you have call the upcoming Women’s Tournament? (Thanks Tina Keys)
  • Is WWE angling for a Women’s Show?
  • The Mid Week War is pretty much WWE against itself. So. Much. Wrestling.
  • What happened to referees playing a prominent role in wrestling?
  • We’re recapping the history of Tye Dillinger in WWE.
  • Billy Corgan is getting back into wrestling, guys!
  • NWA has an on-demand service? I know what some of us are doing after the show.
  • Dab Elbow v Jackson 5. Yes, there is usually some sort of conversation that comes from our chat room.
  • We may have learned a lot today – but, what did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 401: Revenge of the Snake

wrestling mayhem show 401: Revenge of the SnakeThis week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 401, we have our cast featuring DJ Lunchbox (@djlunchbox), Mad Mike (@madmike4883) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron)! On this weeks show:

  • We talk Jeff Jarrett’s announcement!  What will it be?
  • Do we care about Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show?
  • We discuss the last time a “big man” made big money in wrestling.
  • We talk all things AJ Styles.
  • Brian Papa joins us to talk about his Kickstarter.  View it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bpmapps/ringmaster
  • We have a wrestling roundtable featuring  RAW talk, ECIII love, Ryback concussing people, leaked information,  Elimination Chamber and more!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 327: Bodyslam on the Intrepid

Mad Mike is back in the studio!  He’s in Pittsburgh and ready to reign down Mayhem!  We take a look at Absolute Intense Wrestling’s take on a Kickstarter bringing some talent from Texas, we look back at our first wrestling shows thanks to that database we found last week, we talk about Maxine and whether she was worth it, TNA’s Gut Check so far, and so much more!

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