What We Just Discovered About Lucha Underground Will Blow Your Mind

Last week, Lucha Underground co-executive producer Chris DeJoseph joined the Wrestling Mayhem Show crew for a special edition of the Mid-Week War.

During our talk, Chris gave us a big clue into one of Lucha Underground’s biggest mysteries – the seven Aztec tribes.

“You can tell what they are if you look at the seven ancient Aztec medallions.”


This is the Gift of the Gods championship, and you can quickly begin to make some assumptions based on the seven medallions.

We poured over hours of Lucha Underground episodes over the past few days, searching for these symbols (no doubt overlooking many other clues hidden in plain sight). What we discovered in that short amount of time stunnedus.

If you’re not up to speed on your Lucha Underground Season 3 viewing, consider this a SPOILER ALERT. Otherwise, what follows is nothing more than some highly informed speculation. We have no knowledge of the actual events and episodes that have yet to air. (more…)

Mid Week War 1/5/17: Lucha Underground

Mad Mike is back to talk more Lucha Underground!! It’s Rabbits vs Snakes this week as we learn how Kobra Moon trains her Drago, we also get The Mack vs. Johhny Mundo to determine their stipulation for their title match, and Mil Muertes tries to eliminate his Prince Puma problem.

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Lucha Underground Season 3 Trailer Breakdown (65 IMAGES!)

Don’t look now, but the start of Season 3 of Lucha Underground is just weeks away. Some fans are still trying to process everything that happened during Ultima Lucha Dos and the rest of Season 2, but it’s unlikely you’ll hear them complain. A short break is much better than the painful uncertainty for┬ámuch of the time between Seasons 1 and 2. (more…)

Mid Week War 5/19/16: Lucha Underground

Mad Mike and Eamon Paton talk Lucha Underground and the Gift of the Gods this week. We talk about the developments between Cage and Chavo Guerrero regarding the ancient Aztec medallion. We talk about the four-way match with Argenis, Daga, Kobra Moon, and Mascarita Sagrada. Also what is going on with Marty the Moth and Killshot??

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Mid Week War 2/11/16: Lucha Underground

Eamon Paton & Tonio Garza talks this week’s episode of Lucha Underground. They discuss the spectacular Last Luchador Standing Match with Fenix & King Cuerno, the debut of Kobra Moon and the gigantic twist concerning Cortez Castro!

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