Wrestling Mayhem Show 874: Inside the Safety Bubble

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  • Lacey Evans leaves WWE
  • Jey Use Leaves WWE. Where could he end up? Is Rikishi coming next?
  • Trish Stratus vs Becky Lynch finally ending up in the steel cage!
  • Tony Kincaid talks with us about the upcoming RWA Aggression show featuring the Renegade Rumble and John McChesney vs The Rev Ron Hunt. Get tickets at www.RWALivecom
  • We try to help Tony Kincaid from getting hurt with a bubble suit
  • AEW’s CM Punk drama surfaces as he digs at Adam Page and allegedly requests talents not be let in at AEW Collision. But is it a work?
  • What did we learn from wrestling this week?

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 Reasons why it’s important to hire a professional event photographer

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

You spend weeks or even months of your time to prepare for your event. When the big day is finally there, time flies by at lightning speed. Before you know, the event has already ended and you can look back at a successful day. It would be great to be able to look back at your event in a visual way; seeing the crew work as hard as they can, seeing smiles on the faces of your visitors, seeing the speakers excel. Luckily this is possible when you hire a professional event photographer. If that hasn’t convinced you, here are some other reasons why you should hire an event photographer.

1. A professional event photographer has the right gear

A professional photographer owns the right camera and the right lenses to capture every moment perfectly. With the right gear you can create good photos in both light and dark environments. Besides owning the right gear, a professional event photographer has the knowledge to use the settings on a professional camera in the best way to get the best photos possible.

2. A professional event photographer delivers good quality photos

Everyone with a smartphone can take a photo on every moment of the day. But what is the difference of the quality of a photo taken with a smart phone compared to a professional photo? The quality difference is huge. A professional event photographer can capture every important moment at the highest quality. Do you want to use the photos to be printed on a big banner or poster? No problem, they’re big enough.

3. His profession is based on creating a good reputation as a professional event photographer

A professional photographer makes a living out of his photography, so it’s really important that he or she retains a good reputation. One unsatisfied customer can lead to bad word of mouth publicity and can cost future photography jobs. That is why a professional photographer is always eager to deliver their best work at every single job. This will lead to good reviews and eventually will lead to more work. Visit prostockmaster.

4. A professional has the right experience in photographing events

If you’re working with a professional event photographer, you’ll know he/she has the right experience to help you creating memories of your event that will last for a lifetime. An experienced photographer knows what to do, what is expected from him/her and knows how to behave on an event.

5. An event photographer can focus on your event, while you can focus on your guests.

If you have agreed to do business with each other and have discussed all the necessary things, you can take care of the most important thing: making sure the event goes as planned. With a professional photographer, you don’t have to worry about the visual aspect anymore, because you’ll know everything will be taken care of.

Mayhem Mania 2020: It Begins

Welcome back to year six of Mayhem Mania!

This is the ultimate fantasy booking game. The goal is to create the best WrestleMania card possible – not necessarily to predict what WWE will do. That means we must play by the rules of our current reality. Everyone comes in their current (physical, emotional, psychological, etc.) state. Bottom line, if Vince McMahon can do it, we can do it.

The WWE’s talent pool has never been deeper. Combine that with the other talents on the fringes that they theoretically may have access to and there’s no excuse for them not putting together the greatest WrestleMania card of all time. We’re going to show what’s possible.

Our game began during the Wrestling Mayhem Show on Tuesday, January 21. Eight players were invited to each create a single match. As an added layer to this year’s game, we’re asking more people to eliminate names from being eligible to use in Mayhem Mania – sending them through the Forbidden Portal into Space Jail. But there’s a catch, unlike in previous years, this may not be a permanent. Each week a random spin of our newly acquired prize wheel will determine if one of them can escape from Space Jail and re-enter the game. No “double jeopardy”. Once someone escapes from Space Jail, they can’t be sent back.

So, let’s check out the 8 matches our crew created.

Match #1
(Created by BobbyFJtown)
Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Match #2
(Created by Ronnie Starks)
#DIY vs. Time Splitters
Match #3
(Created by Sorgatron)
Elias vs. Tony Nese

Match #4
(Created by Honey Badger)
Rhea Ripley vs. Mercedes Martinez


Match #5
(Created by Dave Podnar)
Velveteen Dream vs. R-Truth

Match #6
(Created by Tina Keys)
Mia Yim & Kay Lee Ray & Tegan Nox vs. Asuka & Kairi Sane & Io Shirai

Match #7
(Created by Mad Mike)
WALTER vs. Keith Lee

Match #8
(Created by Mainstream Mat)
Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong vs. Shayna Baszler & Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir

And here’s who got sent to Space Jail…

BobbyFJtown: Randy Orton
Ronnie Starks: Enzo
Sorgatron: Lacey Evans
Honey Badger: Bayley
Dave Podnar: Triple H
Tina Keys: Ronda Rousey
Mad Mike: WeeLC
Mainstream Mat: Bobby Fish

So, Mayhem Mania 2020 is underway. We have an eight-match card and we have eight people/things now serving time in Space Jail. Next Tuesday, we’ll invite five players to each make a single change to the existing card. Remember, any match that survives three consecutive rounds without being altered in any way will graduate to the Mayhem Mania SUPERCARD. The creator of that match will get some rewards and we’ll create a new match to take its place on our “undercard”.

By the time this whole thing is over, we’ll have eight graduated matches on our SUPERCARD. Trust me, it’ll work. We’ve already done this five time, and we haven’t failed yet.

Which of our eight matches do you like the best? Which ones do you think need some work? Which ones need to be dumped entirely. Post a comment or hit up the Wrestling Mayhem Show on social media to share your thoughts.

Before we go, we want to mention our Royal Rumble Challenge. Email your picks for the winners of both Rumble matches to [email protected]. Each correct pick will earn you a ticket to send someone through the Forbidden Portal to Space Jail. So, if you get both picks right, you’ll get to send two people to Space Jail! What a deal!

Enjoy Mayhem Mania and we’ll see you next week!