As many long time listeners have notice, we’ve had an industrious and outspoken caller in Big Freaky as of late.  So, since he’s got so much to say, we’re giving him more opportunity to let us know about the Indy shows around the area from someone else’s point of view than just us on the show.  Let us know how you like it , and your own response to his post, but leaving a comment below, or hit us up, as always, at [email protected].

Absolute Intense WrestlingAs I sit down a few days after the opening night of AIW’s Jack of All Trios tournament, I realize the show was non-stop blur of action.  This follows the theme of that day for me. I woke up and never stopped moving while I prepared to make the trip and once I arrived in Cleveland, I tried to jam in as much as I could.  I started by arriving at the venue to make sure I knew the area.  From there I went to a temple/ occult shop I’ve been meaning to visit for over a year.  Then I headed back toward the venue, garbed some Cambodian cuisine to go, and finished eating during the first match.

The premise of the show is that the winner of AIW’s tourney receives a spot @ Chikara’s King of all Trios show in Philly.

The show started with a revival of a heated rivalry from AIW’s past Da Latin Crime Syndicate of Luis Diamante, Joey “The Snake” Diamante & K. Fernandez Defeated The Homeless Handicap Connection in a fun match that due to the trios format of the show added a new ally to Greg Iron & Hobo Joe His name is Robert Paulson. A Rugged competitor who was trained by AIW’s own Christian Faith and ECW’s Little Guido.  Paulson who already bored a striking similarity to my homeless hero, decided to bond with his teammates by dressing like to Hobo Joe, complete with tore up Jeans and black tee shirt.  Paulson looked so much like Hobo Joe that even his own partner mixed them up.  Allis the trickery and cohesion of Da Latin Crime Syndicate proved too much for the make shift team of miscreants and Greg Irons.

Ryan & Dynamite were AIW tag champs in late ’08 and early ’09.  After losing not just the tittles but a bitter feud against Faith In Nothing at last years Absolution, TJ disappeared from the spotlight while Bobby Beverly stepped up to the plate and helped Ryan regain the tag tittles.  Along with the defection of FIN’s long time manager Aaron Bower.

It was cool for me to finally see Super Oprah after over a year.  She was supposed to be at Dragged to Hell and Nightmare Before X-Mass 3 but for some reason she wasn’t.  Fontanie’s mustache was rocking as always and Oprah gave the crowd her trade mark spots such as the tampon claw. I believe the Diaper sporting Sinclair stole the spotlight and two words sum it up perfectly…..  FECES CHOP!

Blackballed (Lamont Williams, Josh Emanuel & Randy Smith vs. Team Jobber (Corey Winters, Ben Fruith & Dave the Potato

The third match was something that intrigued me for reasons that had nothing to do with wrestling.  Lamont Williams supposedly* threatened me on the Indy message board if I didn’t keep his name “out of my mouth”, which it never really was.  They are running a race card angle with AIW owners Fat Nick, John Thorne, Chandler Biggins & Nick’s tag team partner in Alpha Beta Duke THE DUKE!!!  The details and minutia (more…)