Ashley is in the Semi-Finals!

ashleysemifinalsIt’s the last week you can help Friend of the Show, Ashley Hoover of WJYY Ashley at Night.  She’s rocked it out again at this past Monday’s taping, and can use your votes.  Remember, it’s a dollar a vote, and it’s for the Boys and Girls Club, so vote often!!  You can check Ashley’s performance out at at about 5:20 in the highlight video.

A side note, Mad Mike still has his offer standing that if you send in your receipt with the most votes for Ashley from the event, he’ll record you a “personalized” song!  Send your submissions to [email protected]!

Help a Girl Out!

Ashley rocks it about 5 mins In

Ashley rocks it about 5 mins In

Our good friend, and Randy Orton’s biggest fan, Ashley Hoover, was just on Manchester Star last night.  The setup is something like a local American Idol.  Ashley put it down with Melissa Ethridge “I’m the Only One”.

Just like American Idol, Ashley needs your votes!  It’s $1 per vote, but the money goes to a good cause in the Boys and Girls Club.  You can see her performance at about 5 Minutes on the Week 2 Rewind on the front page.

Go vote!  It’s for a friend of the show and a good cause!