Wrestling Mayhem Show 559: Strowman Reigns

We’ve got a couch (both in studio and on the internets) full of our WMS stable, including Mad Mike, Bobby F J-Town, Sorg, Mutilator Larry, Rizz, Mainstream Matt, and Hotwheelz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 559.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:

  • Wrestling took a hit this past week with the passing of a few historical greats.
  • Getting into RAW this week, we’re digging the big brawler match with Braun Strowman and The Big Show.
  • John Cena eliminated! We’re liking it.
  • Getting back to The Big Show, we’re still amazed at his weight loss. Kudos!
  • Brock Lesnar staring into the camera made the perfect meme opportunity. (Share your memes with us!)
  • We learned CM Punk is on The Rock’s speed dial this week.
  • For those of us without TV, how are we watching wrestling?
  • Rizz is sharing some Chikaratopia love.
  • If you create a Jaxon Argos wrestling character, Rizz will play it on Rizz Plays Games!
  • We’re swapping things up this week! It’s time for the Big Question: What should The New Day do at Wrestlemania?
  • Supplemental Big Question: If The New Day is recast, who do you want to host Wrestlemania?
  • While Mainstream Matt works up the Mayhem Mania big board Mad Mike is talking comic books.
  • It’s time for Mayhem Mania!
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 309: Relationships with Women

Wheelz, Rizz, Wrestlefan, LB, Chachi, and Sorg are jamming some STYX and talking about Elimination Chamber, Undertaker vs Triple H, RAW, Hoeskis, the streak, David Otunga, and so much more!

We also get a submitted interview thanks to HotWheelz after this past Saturday’s RWA Fury 3 in West Newton, PA with G-Raver, as he talks about his training and what he’s seen in the business, and a surprise talking to by Notorious Shane Taylor, plus, more suprises!

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