Wrestling Mayhem Show 434: Adopted From Japan OR So Many Zs

WMS434This week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 434, we talk all the latest headlines and more in pro wrestling, including:



  • Trevor Osz talking about Headlocks4breakfast.com. – 5:00
  • The AJ Lee/Paige feud. – 11:40
  • The Wyatts looking bad. – 15:15
  • How people are dealing with the loss of Dean Ambrose and the current slot of WWE Films. – 19:30
  • Some NXT talk! Including the impressiveness of Kalisto. – 27:00
  • TNA’s one-legged wrestler. – 32:30
  • Remember When: Sibling rivalries. – 39:00
  • The Monday Night Wars show on WWE Network. – 55:15
  • What we want from WWE Network. –
  • Where is Aksana?  And what’s with that name?  1:09:15
  • TNA getting sorta renewed and another network that might pick the promotion up. – 1:12:00
  • What we learned from wrestling.

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 209: Gory Wars

This week, we welcome back the Wrestling Mayhem Show’s first ever guest, Jason Gory!  We have a chance to talk to him about where he’s been, his evolving look, and what’s coming up with him in the coming weeks.  We also get the roundtable back together with Sorg, DJLunchbox, Mad Mike, and wrestlefan to talk the Monday Night War, it’s real name, and the highs and lows of Monday night, Awesome Kong’s final release, and much, much more!

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Fan of the Week: Macho Man

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