Wrestling Mayhem Show 242: Don’t Hurt Me

DJLunchboxWrestleFan2000, and Sorg are on for this special Wednesday editino of the Mayhem!  We take on the barrage of fanmail, including some of the most trouble Big Freaky voicemail as we are preached to about the glories of the indy wrestling.  Please, please check these groups out…please.  Then, we bring in ThePrinceMagas from the chat room to tackle the Linda McMahon electorial stuff, WWE’s latest battle with government, Wrestlefan recaps NXT to save us all, and much more!

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Other wrestling shows for Lunch Box & Mad Mike to Bitch about!

Here is a look at some Indy promotions around the country with TV exposure.

1st up a taste of the West Coast: The NWA from Hollywood! See Colt Cabana, Claudio Castagnoli, TJ Perkins, Joey Ryan, The RockNES Monsters, The NWA World Champion Adam Peirce & more from KDOC-TV….. in Hollywood!


Next up, A former developmental territory for the WWE! Ohio Valley Wrestling
See former WWE superstars Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore, along side ROH’s Metal Master & Mike Mondo!

Streamed for free every monday @ http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/

Finally… for now!  A look at North West Ohio Indy Hybrid wrestling.

Watch Tommy Dreamer, Raven, The H3RD, The Irish Airborne, Dave Cole, Pinkie Sanchez, Shiima Xion, Dustin Rayz,  Johnny Cockstrong & more.