Indy Mayhem Show 175: Jack Pollock

The Team Storm trifecta is completed this week as we get Jack Pollock in studio. His story differs from his fellow Team Storm members in a host of ways. He talks about falling in and out of love with wrestling, attending his first IWC show with Jimmy Vegas and CJ Sensation on the card, being inspired by indy wrestlers to become an indy wrestler, taking out a loan to attend the Storm Wrestling Academy, how hard it was to make it into the ring after training, and more!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 339: Sent from My iPhone

This week Sorg, Chachi, Bobbyfjtown, Rizz, and, Wrestlefan, are joined by Max Zaleski of @wrestlesubtitle to discuss adding Subtitles to wrestling. How 3 hour Raw’s are working, Wrestling Stables, Beth Phoenix Leaving WWE, CMPunk’s new DVD and it’s nod to Ring of honor , and so much more!

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We’re Taking Over!!!

It’s been awhile since the WWE gave you that buzz, hasn’t it? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen something oh, so different, yet so very familiar, that had all of us buzzing. It’s nearly a week later and we don’t even have an explanation. But then, we haven’t had an explanation for Sting’s random acts of violence for months. Do you remember the last time you had that feeling?

Was it…

ECW invades RAW….the first time... I was not presently watching wrestling when this first happened (one of my blackouts in life. I blame puberty) But this was the first, true, invasion, as these were two totally separate companies, sans the alledged financial backing by Vince McMahon under the radar…

The NWO. It was the great betrayal to all of us little Hulkamaniacs.  And it kept us hooked for almost two years before it ran itself into the ground.  But you still see NWO shirts in the crowd…

ECW invades RAW…the second time... Whatever you think of the WCW/ECW Invasion angle over 2001, you still had to love the original setup when ECW became a part of it.

ECW invades WWE….again? If I’m not mistaken, this clip occurred right here in Pittsburgh with the entire Mayhem Crew screaming our ever-loving heads off.

Are there any other invasions that stuck out for you?

Eric Bischoff “Controversy Creates Cash” Review


About two Christmas’s ago, I was given the book Controversy Creates Cash by Eric Bischoff from my bud from my rap group. It seemed like a boring read at first. I’ve had issue with the bland, sports writer stylings of past books like Kurt Angle’s, and thought this was going to be the same.

Nearly two years later, I revisited this book. After the Death of WCW and Between the Ropes, as well as a recent Kevin Nash shoot interview I’ve watched, it gave me a new perspective to approach this book again. I realized this book had a rather unique perspective on what really happened to WCW. No one likely had the interactions with the Turner, then AOL Time Warner, brass as Bischoff. This book details his view on his interactions, and lack of support in that regard, as well as how talent was to deal with. His coming up from AWA, then transitioning as a low level guy in WCW, to the head of the company is an interesting story, especially if you wonder about how a corporation like that works. Eric is very frank about where he thinks he stood in the rise of wrestling in the late 90’s, and it’s effect in WWE as we know it today.

The biggest problem I had with this book was the repetition. Often, some of these books come off a certain way since they are often ghostwritten along with a tape recorder. Unfortunately, you often get parts that are repeated. Another interesting note is Bischoff’s defense against the “Dirt Sheets”. While he claims so often to not take stock in what they say about his actions in WCW, he sure does defend directly defend to them a lot. Understandable, since they are so prevalent in wrestling “news” over the last ten years.

Aside from some writing style misgivings, This book left a good bit of incite in the other side of one of the hottest times in wrestling history.

You can pick up the paperback for “Controversy Creates Cash” right here.