Wrestling Mayhem Show 598: Pale Leader, Badass Brunette, Hot Blonde

The Heir Apparent, Chris LeRusso, graces us with his presence this week! He is joined by Sorg, Bobby, Larry, and Mad Mike to talk this week in wrestling, including:WMS

The most interesting news of the week – it’s like a real life Sold Out, but it’ll be better. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are booking their own show guys!
We’re talking some interesting speculations on this Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks show.
It’s amazing what difference seating arrangements can make for a wrestling show.
Stephen Amell can do anything with wrestling, and we’re okay with it.
We’re taking a bit of a deep dive into some thoughts on Delirious.
Sooo….Absolution, huh?
With the call-up, NXT has to restock. We have some thoughts.
The 2018 PPV schedule has been released. There’s some good news in this, guys.
This week’s Big Question: What is the match that made you feel the most awkward watching it?
We realize there are a TON of circumstances in wrestling that are kinda awkward.
What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

Fan of the show, Brandon Mynatt, will be a participant in the 2018 Special Olympics as part of the Team Missouri Bowling Team. (Donate at: http://give.somo.org/site/TR?px=1073149&fr_id=1190&pg=persona)

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 568: Cast A McMahon


There were some, let’s say interesting, things in wrestling this week! Sorg, Chad the Shad, Mad Mike, and Rizz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 568. Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:


  • Payback is this weekend. And, we’re talking about what a House of Horrors match consists of.
  • Are rematch clauses still a thing in the WWE?
  • Chad is petitioning for a Champions Choice for rematch options.
  • Chad is sharing his viewing preparation for the RAW Wrap Up with Sorg and Mad Mike. #Entertainment
  • Curtis Axel is apparently still topical for the Mayhem Show.
  • We’re sharing some thoughts on the Samoa Joe v Seth Rollins match.
  • Alexa Bliss and Bayley has us looking at the innocence of Bayley as a character.
  • What happens to Kevin Owens if Jericho wins? We’re sharing some thoughts.
  • WWE PPVs are just super shows for the brands thank to the WWE Network. It’s different booking than a decade ago.
  • We’re having some interesting conversation regarding the impact the WWE Network has had on viewing trends.
  • Is the WWE looking for a way to do their own break for the Broken Hardy gimmick?
  • We can see the WWE lawyers in action with the Broken Hardy gimmick development each week.
  • What makes a good heel turn villain theme for a video game gimmick?
  • 205 Live lost Tajiri, and we haz a sad.
  • It’s time for this week’s Big Question: Vince McMahon is getting a bio picture. Who do you cast? #CastAMcMahon
  • There was Dumpster Match this week?
  • Sin Cara has a new look. #Shiny
  • What’s happening with SmackDown Live booking? New things! That’s what!
  • What did YOU learn from wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 560: Beta Bellas

We’ve got a couch (both in studio and on the internets) full of our WMS stable, including Mad Mike, Tonio Garza, Bobby F J-Town, Sorg, Dudders, Rizz, and Mainstream Matt for Wrestling Mayhem Show 560.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:

  • We’re running our pre-show shenanigans following Smackdown Live.
  • WWE has (yet another) PPV this weekend.
  • We’re excited about Jack Gallagher v Neville.
  • What’s happening with the Universal Title? NOTE: It’s making Mad Mike cry.
  • We’ve got some calls for a Sasha Banks turn for Wrestlemania. Fans are sharing their thoughts.
  • Will Finn Balor return for Fastlane?
  • There was some news about the TNA restructure. We’re discussing some of the big news.
  • We’re talking Reby Hardy’s response to the TNA changes.
  • We love seeing our Mayhem Mania bookings come to real life through WWE segments.
  • Mad Mike is calling it now – John Cena will propose. We will have a remake of Match Made In Heaven.
  • What is going on with Mick Foley?
  • Mad Mike is starting his Free Zema campaign this week.
  • Mad Mike has a secret project he’s sharing this week.
  • It’s time for the Big Question: How would you write off the Hardys from TNA?
  • It’s Mayhem Mania time with Mainstream Matt.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 558: The Diamond Collection

We’ve got Santana Diamonds on this week’s show – with his entourage of Corey Futuristic and Daniel Hooven.  They are hosted by our WMS regulars, Mad Mike, Bobby F J-Town, and Sorg for Wrestling Mayhem Show 558.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day. (VD has a totally new meaning this week.)
  • Daniel Hooven is looking dapper after spending time with Big League John McChesney.
  • We watched Elimination Chamber this weekend and are sharing our thoughts.
  • Bray Wyatt is the champion!
  • Our crew is split on thoughts about the Elimination Chamber redesign.
  • Three womens matches on a WWE PPV.
  • Tag team wrestling on Smackdown makes us happy.
  • Corey Futuristic is sharing thoughts on the Usos gimmick change.
  • We got Emmalina this week! But, did we really?
  • Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re talking about how the guys pick up the ladies.
  • Is Joe Dombrowski listening? We have some Virgil stories!
  • By Virgil standards, Mad Mike is a legit member of the wrestling family.
  • Santana Diamonds is sharing some stories from the IWC Meadville show.
  • Mad Mike had dinner with Tatanka back in the day.
  • Guys…We have a voicemail! (We love listener mail.)
  • We appreciate drunk dials to our WMS hotline.
  • How many wrestlers can you fit in a podcast studio? We may be pushing our limits in Mayhem Studios tonight.
  • It’s time for the Big Question! What couples do you wish you saw in wrestling?
  • It’s that magical time where Matt leads our storytime booking for Mayhem Mania.
  • Jaxon Argos’ Mayhem Mania match has lasted unscathed since his appearance at the start. He’s back to reap rewards.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?
  • Corey Futuristic is giving the fans a chance to help him develop his tag team finisher.

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WWE RAW Wrap Up 12/9/13

2013 slammy awards

We talk about the amazing ending to WWE RAW that makes us care a bit more about the TLC PPV this weekend, the Slammy Awards and what we get out of them, and we talk about the EPiC Twitter battle with The Rock an Mr Brandon Stroud from tonight.  Amazing night of wrestling!  Tell us what you think!

Are WWE’s Online Pay Per Views Worth Paying For?

I am a cord cutter.  And as such my television hobby, professional wrestling, has been hard to keep legit.

For this case, we are giving a fair shake to obtaining a legitimate pay per view from those juggernauts at WWE.com.  Going into this, I know I was always skeptical on what quality they would deliver based on what quality video the site has had over the years otherwise.  Would they respect a quality boost knowing I paid exactly what I would have if I did have a cable subscription hooked up?  Thankfully, our good friend AJ was willing to give it a shot in his wallet, and we all got to see the results.

What did we use?  I hooked up a late 2009 MacBook Pro on my 25/25 Verizon FIOS connection, and a 720p HDMI hookup to 42″ Vizio LCD.

So we had the login and the pre-purchase.  Easy enough.  But did it hold up?  Do we feel slighted for paying 54.95 for a sub par experience?

From what I can tell, we paid the same amount as you would on a standard definition viewing of the show.   If you look at it like what, and have VPN Er watched one of those on an HD TV, you know how blocky and ugly it can get.  I know watching RAW or a PPV on an HD channel n Comcast or FIOS I have seen shameful macroblocking on fireworks or strobe light entrances.  I never expect a picture perfect edition.

The show was watchable.  Sometimes, during entrances, lots of shot changes, or the cage match, the video just fell apart.  It was watchable, but not quite better than the three clicks it would have take a to watch the same show for free somewhere else.  Some things like CM Punk’s tattoos just meshed together.   Some really unfortunate stuff,  but only took away the experience slightly.

As for reliability, I was really impressed.  I don’t think we had a video drop all night.  There were a few blackouts and glitches, but it seemed to be camera or broadcast issues there at the show that likely went out to every paying viewer out there.  the important part is that we could mostly forget a out the stream.  If I had the feeling of needing to babysit the stream, hope it didn’t go down, biting my nails all night, it’s different than I would expect in reliability in a cable connection.

The biggest issue is the cost for what you do get.  At least as a comparison point, our talk amongst ourselves afterwards led to the idea that WWE should give some sort of discount to the online purchase like this.  To the average joe, not on the “cutting edge” cord cutters like me, what is the incentive to go with this option?  Why not do the cable PPV I always do?  Or worse yet, what’s to keep me forgoing to use the easy to find free streams?

In the quality side, it has some way to go.  This is the first time I looked for the online PPV option that I didn’t have to dig for.  But we also had the YouTube streamed WrestleMania pre-show running in full 720p through the same setup.  That hurt to switch off to the paid stream.  I’ve been enjoying HD streams on Hulu Plus and YouTube via my Xbox 360 for years that has rivaled my neighbor’s DirecTV.  The tech is out there.  YouTube is shoring up content, and WWE is picking up productions with these streaming pre shows, press conferences and streaming content.  You have to think that they are already considering YouTube’s infrastructure for serving Pay Per Views.  When this happens and looks Asa good as the live streaming Rock/Cena special did, or NXT does every week for me, then my money will be even easier greased to leave my wallet.

So while the online experience leaves a bit to be desired, as long as I consider the quality compared to that Standard Definition price, I can swallow this to be a legitimate watcher of WWE PPVs for now, so long as I can continue to get people interested in splitting it with me.  Otherwise, the cost is now the sole prohibitive element, like anyone else out there.  But that’s another issue altogether.

So what do you think?  What would you like to see that would make you shell out for Pay Per Views more consistently online?