Indy Mayhem Show On Location: Rory Gulak

Rory Gulak teaches Katie Dudders about being Amazing, his 10 man tag on the Welterweight Wrestling 3 show, answering a call, Indiana Jones, and awkward moment over hockey, and more.

All interviews from back stage at Welterweight Wrestling 3.  Check out more at and pick up Digital Downloads of past events on!

Penguins Ticket Winner Checks In!

While we were recording WMS 200, the winner of the Pens Tickets Charity Raffle presented by Black Gold and More was attending the Penguins hosting the Atlanta Thrashers at home.  We received updates from the winner, Mulango Akpo-Esambe, during the show, and I thought we’d share them with you…

Mulango's view of the game.