Wrestling Mayhem Show 645: The Ballad of Mad Mike

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We are talking this week in with , and .

  • We talk about the state of Ring of honor with the rumors of Cody and Young Bucks leaving the company, PCO possibly coming in, and its growth in the last few years.
  • What has Neville/Pac been up to since leaving WWE?  How about dream matches with Will Osperay!
  • Erik Van Wagnen had comments this week about the stat of Lucha Underground Season 5.
  • Tina calls the hotline for this week’s Big Question: Who from WWE would benefit from returning to their previous brand or company?
  • Nick Lendl talks with us about his childhood wrestling meeting with Brandon K coming full circle at Ryse Wrestling
  • We also discuss Nick Lendl’s issues with J-Rocc and Dave Kitch that will be settled at Premier Championship Wrestling in Cleveland, OH December 14.
  • What did we learn from pro wrestling this week?

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Indy Mayhem Show: Joe Dombrowski Returns!

Joe Dombrowski joins us to talk about Welterweight Wrestling 4, working with Ring of Honor, Premier Championship Wrestling after 3 years, working as a commentator to get over the talent, and more!

Listen to Joe Dombrowski’s rant on Social Media he mentions on Wrestling Mayhem Show 632!


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Indy Mayhem Show 153: Nick Lendl

Nick Lendl is a commentator and announcer that works with International Wrestling Cartel and Premier Championship Wrestling.  But before that, he had a chance to get in front of WWE staff to get some much needed advice.  We talk with him about his journey, working with indy wrestling companies since, what he’s learned, and some Joe Dombrowski impressions to round things out.

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