Indy Mayhem Show: Going Underground with Quinn Magnum

We have a rare opportunity to have a chat with former NWA North American Champion Quinn Magnum as we go down memory lane on training and his wrestling career, transitioning to becoming the booker for PWX, the real reason there was a pivot to Fight Society and the development of Fight Underground.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Paul Atlas on the NWA Years

Paul Atlas returns to talk about the 2000’s and Pittsburgh’s relationship with the National Wrestling Alliance, including NWA-TNA Wrestling’s impact on the system, his runs with the NWA North American Championship, the NWA Tag Team Championship , and the bad business that went into an infamous video where The Wrong Crowd decided to send the belts back in a UPS box.

Paul Atlas is currently a commentator with Ryse Wrestling and can be heard on and

Fight Society Fighting Words Podcast: Shirley Doe

Shirley Doe has a frank conversation about his quarter century history in wrestling, starting in PWX, the Pittsburgh Pro Wrestling scene, advice from Mick Foley, Satanism, Great Muta, days in IWC, memories of wrestling in ECW Arena, his thoughts on Troy Lords and his behavior in Fight Society, and a special Dory Funk story.

Indy Mayhem Show: Bubba the Bulldog

Bubba the Bulldog is a near 23 year wrestling veteran and radio personality with Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. We talk about his early days doing dark matches in WWF with Yokozuna and handcuffed to Paul Bearer, helping Kurt Angle get ready for his pro debut, Conor’s Cure, Corey Graves, the inception of the International Wrestling Cartel, KSWA, PWX and more!

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Fight Society Fighting Words Podcast: BC Steele

Jim LeMotta talks with the leader of Steele Perfection, BC Steele to talk about his manager style, his 14 years in PWX, why it was so important to approach Brohemoth, what it takes to grow as a pro wrestler that expands beyond the Pittsburgh area, the value of PWX in 2019 and it’s imminent return under the helm of BC Steele.

Indy Mayhem Show: Harley T Morris

Harley T Morris joins us as we talk about the influence professional wrestling has had on his family, meeting DJ Z/Joaquin Wilde, training with PWX, Black Diamond Wrestling, and so much more.

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Indy Mayhem Show: Paul Atlas

Paul Atlas is a long time veteran who started in the 1990’s as part of the Wrong Crowd with Brian Anthony and was part of the rebuilding of independent wrestling, television with PWX TV, wrestled on pre shows for WWF PPVs, and has transitioned to an authority figure with Fight Society and commentator for Ryse Wrestling, UpRyse Wrestling, and Angel Gate Wrestling.

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Indy Mayhem Show 137: Chris Taylor

We talk with Chris Taylor about his career and working with Pro Wrestling Express and Renegade Wrestling Alliance, Corey Graves, and more!

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