Wrestling Mayhem Show 686: Welcome to the Zander Zone

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We are back in the studio with wrestler Zander Gabriel who’s ready to Zanderize and talk about wrestling news for the week, including:

  • We chat about the Wednesday Night War kicking off with All Elite Wrestling and WWE NXT
  • We talk about the highs and lows of Smackdown and Hell in Cell including Kofi Kingston’s Worth, Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Bray Wyatt  and The Fiend
  • We talk up Pitt Fight with Kyle and Cornell, Ronnie Starks, Chris LeRusso, Kristy K and Brandon K of Ryse Wrestling, BC Steele, Tyler Klein, Brohemoth, Christian Noir and more!
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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TNA Impact. At least it’s better than Thunder…Right?

…even though not as many people watch.

That’s something to wrap your head around.  Back in the day, we used to scoff at Thunder, and the ratings it got going out the door up until 2001.  And thanks to the Monday Night Wars, it’s all about ratings.  Let’s compare WCW’s last year with Nitro of 2009 (because the Monday move’s ratings wouldn’t be a fair comparison of a consistant show)

WCW Thunder Ratings (courtesy Wrestling Information Archive)

January 3, 2001 1.8
January 10, 2001 2.2
January 17, 2001 2.2
January 24, 2001 2.2
January 31, 2001 2.2
February 7, 2001 1.95
February 14, 2001 1.9
February 21, 2001 1.5
February 28, 2001 1.8
March 7, 2001 1.85
March 14, 2001 1.8
March 21, 2001 1.85

TNA iMPACT! Ratings 2009 (Courtesy WrestlingNewsWorld.com)

– January 1: 1.0
– January 8: 1.1
– January 15: 1.2
– January 22: 1.1
– January 29: 1.2
– February 5: 1.1
– February 12: 1.2
– February 19: 1.3
– February 26: 1.3
– March 5: 1.3
– March 12: 1.2
– March 19: 1.3
– March 26: 1.3

And of course, the Monday turn has dropped TNA as low as a .50.  So, we have a major company with scores of talent (though not nearly the overdone roster and guaranteed contracts as WCW at the time) getting a portion of the audience as 8 years before.  TNA’s PPV buyrates are reportedly abysmal (and I don’t think they’re being reported officially at all).

But of all this, we still had some good times with Thunder, whether it be “crazy old grandpa” Ric Flair or the luchadors that were all over WCW in the day.

Whether TNA goes belly up, as some wager, or becomes prosperous, is there anything you can take away from Impact these days, even if you’re the only one watching?