Indy Mayhem Show: Ray Lyn Goes to Japan

Ray Lyn is back from Japan to talk about her experience of 3 months working and living with Sendai Girls, her time as Chantilly Chella at Women of Wrestling on AXS, showing up on Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling and more!

Check out Ray Lyn with multiple promotions at at and!

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WWE RAW Wrap Up 1/23/17: Dead Man Rumblin’

Mad Mike and Sorg discuss WWE RAW including Friend of the Show Ray Lyn vs Nia Jax, Undertaker staring down Brock Lesnar and a weirdly bloody Bill Goldberg, handsome Rusev and more!


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Indy Mayhem Show 108: Ray Lyn

This week on Indy Mayhem Show 108,  Ray Lynn joins the show to discuss her career, training in Ohio Valley Wrestling, women’s wrestling in the International Wrestling Cartel and more!

Eamon Paton (@Eamon2Please) and Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) discuss their upcoming shows with Inspire Pro Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel, Renegade Wrestling Alliance, and more!

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