MayhemWear: The First “Should I Wrestle That” Shirt!


This week, to celebrate the return of Should I Wrestle That, we look back at the very first edition, and bring you the first ever Should I Wrestle That shirt!


Should I Wrestle That: Stuff A Bus

We already posted the video for our experience at the Stuff A Bus.  So, of course, you know we can’t take Doc Remedy anywhere with out him trying to wrestle something.  So, after a long time hiatus.  The return of Should I Wrestle That…

Should I Wrestle That: A Response

So, this isn’t a true “Should I Wrestle That” segment, but if you recall, there was a certain piece shot last year at the Jamestown Fair.  For those that missed it:

Well, that kid pulled me aside and spoke up….