Wrestling Mayhem Show 678: Big Announcements with the Gavel

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The Gavel – David Lawless is on the show this week to talk about a few things he’s involved with that are coming up.  He is joined by Patreon supporter, Heel Bradley, who is on the show to make amends for his recent transgression at an indy show.  They are, of course, here to talk about this week in wrestling, including:

  • David Lawless is talking about the importance of diversity in the wrestling ring.
  • How about that reveal of The Fiend at SummerSlam? We’re sharing some of our own thoughts.
  • We’re getting some “expert” insight on just how deadly the mandible claw can be.
  • Is WWE missing some branding opportunities with superstars like Finn Balor?
  • AEW has had some new announcements. Some of our crew is really excited about Orange Cassidy, but let’s talk about Jake the Snake!
  • Jazz is coming back to TV?!?!
  • Our guest, David Lawless, is sharing some breaking news about who we can expect to see at Four Chord Music Festival- including the addition of a wrestling event!
    • Listen in for an announcement of 5 of the matches – – including a never-before-seen match-up of two of Pittsburgh’s legends.
  • David Lawless is getting the opportunity to work with tons of great people – including his recent encounter with Jim Sterling at RYSE Wrestling.
  • Stomp Out Cancer is happening this Friday. We’re taking a look at what we can expect from the card.
  • This week’s Big Question: What occupational character (i.e. lawyer) would you like to see – or have seen – in the ring?
  • Bradley did a bad thing as a fan at a recent live event. He is here tonight to teach us how to be a good fan.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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Indy Mayhem Show: Stomp Out Cancer 2

This week we chat with those “indy guys” that have been spotted at indy wrestling shows in the Pittsburgh area for over 20 years. Matt Tressler, Jesse the Mark, and Classic Ken chat with us about the second Stomp Out Cancer event and the great support it has received. We discuss Jesse the Mark’s graphics and web invovelment with everything from IWC, BOTH Ryse and Rise wrestling, AIW, Smart Mark and others. Some of the stories and experiences they’ve witnessed including CM Punk, Sterling James Keenan (Corey Graves), Logan Shulo (Elias), and more!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 579: Fluent in Cockney

It’s the last Mayhem Show in the Mayhem Studio. But, before the crew moves to the new studio, we’ve got one last hurrah for Wrestling Mayhem Show 579. Sorg, Chad, Larry, MadMike, Matt, Bobby, and a special birthday boy (Rizz) get together to reminisce about our time in the studio and to talk about what’s happening in wrestling these days: WMS

  • Mad Mike is the Center Square.
  • There’s a PPV this weekend guys!
  • Rizz is so happy about the Punjabi Prison Match. It’s like WWE knew it was his birthday!
  • Is it “poops” “liver enzyme” or “steroids?” We’re not sure what we’re talking about either.
  • More stipulations?
  • Larry is calling out John Cena on his geography.
  • All you need to know is John Cena and Ruzev and you’ll be okay.
  • Is The Rock running for President?
  • Are we getting a Shinsuke v. AJ Styles match in our future? The mayhemmers are weighing in.
  • We’re running down the WWE-related people who are running for various offices these days. More than we realize.
  • Nakamura v. Corbin in a hair-vs-hair match?
  • We may be playing Hollywood Squares in the new studio.
  • Talking Smack is still on for PPV shows. We’re happy that it’s not totally cancelled.
  • Thank goodness Matt came in to settle this argument between MadMike and Sorg.
  • Sorg and some of the guys checked out the Stomp Out Cancer show this past weekend. He’s sharing some good stuff.
  • When the words David Otunga come out of your mouth, you’ve lost your argument.
  • This week’s Big Question is brought to us by Birthday Boy Rizz: What is your favorite in-studio Mayhem Show memory?
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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