Lucha Underground Season 4 Trailer: 80+ SCREEN GRABS & ANALYSIS!

Because “Friends Don’t Let Friends Spoil Lucha Underground”, the following article was written without the benefit of a single Google search. Instead, we relied on the extensive knowledge accumulated by members of the WMS crew who have compulsively watched and obsessed over Lucha Underground since its first episode aired on El Rey Network. Any conclusions are based on that knowledge and our own speculation. Who knows? We may have gotten a few things right, but spoilers are NOT intended.

After what feels like an eternity spent waiting, Season 4 of Lucha Underground is almost here, and we just got a look at the extended trailer.

We grabbed more than 80 screen shots from the trailer. Let’s take a look at them, and see what possible secrets we can uncover.


Let’s start with this beautiful opening shot, flying through the El Rey logo into a view of Los Angeles.


That opening shot continues, bringing us down to almost street level. First, we get a wonderful of view of this delivery truck terminal, but this is not the destination we’re interested in.

Just creeping into view on the left side of the screen is the former Union Central Cold Storage facility at the corner of South Alameda and Industrial Streets in Downtown Los Angeles.

We’re not in Boyle Heights anymore, but we’re also not far away. This building is located less than a mile west of The Temple, where Lucha Underground made its home during its first three seasons.


Let’s head inside, though this next shot could be from a different location. Someone has The Monster Matanza Cueto chained up somewhere. Remember, at the end of Season 3, Matanza was once again locked up in the basement of the old Temple in Boyle Heights, alongside Rey Mysterio Jr.


Next, we see Johnny Mundo and Taya. Johnny is doing some Indiana Jones cosplay. Is this another movie his character is filming, or did he actually leave his home dressed like this?


Johnny drops a line – rope, to be specific. Is this related to what we just saw with Matanza? There are plenty of wood structures in both scenes. Could Johnny and Taya be searching for something else? Perhaps, an ancient relic that’s best left undisturbed?




Moving on, we see a gloved hand open, reach out and receive a staff of some sort. What is this thing? It appears to be important because it appears again later in the trailer.


A wider shot reveals who is holding the staff, at least in this moment. This is a pro wrestler who works under the name Killer Kross, but I don’t know if that’s the name he’ll use on Lucha Underground. As for the person wrapped up in the roots and branches, that appears to be Mascarita Sagrada. It appears this will all be connected with his ongoing storyline with the Rabbit Tribe. If you recall, at the end of Season 3, Sagrada told the Rabbit Tribe that he was not that white rabbit, but that he could lead them to him. Is that Killer Kross? Is he the white rabbit? And what does that even mean?


We get a look at Kobra Moon, crawling around on the floor. What’s funny is that there was a nearly identical shot of her in the trailer for Season 3. Maybe it’s in her contract.

I haven’t pieced together where she is. It definitely doesn’t look like the Reptile Tribe hideout we saw in Season 3. It could be somewhere inside the new temple. After all, we haven’t seen those interiors yet. The backstage could be a lot nicer then that dirty, grimy environment at the old Temple.


Your boy, Fenix.



We switch to this shot of a creepy-looking doll being held by…Ricky Mandel. He’s still doing the Johnny Mundo cosplay, and is laughing maniacally. You know what they say about never meeting your heroes…


This is one of the best shots in the trailer. The Rabbit Tribe walking down a spinning, twisting hallway. Down the rabbit hole? Don’t do drugs, kids.



Now, we move on to what appears to be a very important scene, and probably the closest we’ve ever gotten to actual exposition in a Lucha Underground trailer. Aero Star, King Cuerno and El Dragon Azteca Jr. are having a meeting. Cuerno had gained possession of the super McGuffin gauntlet at the end of Season 3, but Aero Star is holding it in this scene.


King Cuerno: “This is too dangerous. We must go back in time.”

El Dragon Azteca Jr.: “The god’s already too strong, Cuerno.”


Aero Star then delivers a sigh of such deep disappointment that I felt all hope for the Lucha Underground universe leave my body. If a time-traveling luchador ever shoots you a look like this, you can probably be certain that there are universe and/or reality altering consequences in play.


Aero Star turns to either Cuerno or Azteca and says (I think), “Make it quick.” What in the hell is happening?!?



We move on to a shot of someone unlocking a door. I have a pretty good theory on who this is, and your first guess is probably correct.



Behind the textual reminder that the new season begins on June 13th, running liquid obscures a figure. Thanks to the power of the screen grab we can see that it’s Mariposa. It appears she’s pouring the liquid out of some sort of container while twirling one of her ponytails with her other hand. What is she up to?



Here is your “Flashdance” tribute. Any guesses on who this is? Or, better yet, what this may have to do with anything?


Switching over to the interior of a hunting lodge. Yes, this is nearly identical to King Cuerno’s hideout, which we saw at the very end of Season 3.


Catrina appears out of nowhere, presumably using her teleportation skills to get inside Cuerno’s hunting lodge. She knows how to make an entrance.

At Ultima Lucha Tres, Mil Muertes defeated Cage and Jeremiah Crane in a bloody, violent 3-way elimination match to win the gauntlet, BUT just as Muertes was starting to celebrate, King Cuerno appeared out of nowhere, attacked Muertes and Catrina and then, stole the gauntlet. Cuerno had not been seen in Lucha Undeground since Muertes defeated him at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Look to the right side of the screen grab above, where a cloth appears to be covering something. That’s approximately where the gauntlet was being kept under glass in our last look at Cuerno at the end of Season 3.

It’s safe to say that Catrina is looking to reacquire the gauntlet. After all, she seems to know more about it than most of the people who’ve gotten their hands on it. Is it still in Cuerno’s hunting lodge? Is Cuerno still there? Did Cuerno have any idea what he was stealing when he took the gauntlet from Muertes and Catrina?


A silhouette of someone. Hard to guess who.


A man in uniform. It’s hard to tell exactly who it is, but it’s probably safe to guess that this has something to do with Killshot.



Fighting! On the roof of the new temple. Judging by those pants, this is Johnny Mundo. But who is his adversary?


Drago, also on the roof of the new temple. Note, no sign of the collar and chain that was keeping him under the control of Kobra Moon and the Reptile Tribe.



Taya reaches for, and grabs something. “Wera loca” roughly translates to blonde, white girl. The nickname has been attached to Taya for some time, in Lucha Underground and beyond.


Cage, without the gauntlet. You have to wonder why he’s looking at his arm as if it’s still there.



Catrina goes to walk away, but Mil Muertes stops her.


This is one of the money shots of the trailer. Johnny Mundo, equipped with the gauntlet, with FRIGGIN’ LIGHTNING BOLTS in his DAMN EYES! We know Cuerno has the gauntlet. We know Aero Star will also get his hands on it during Season 4. How will it find its way to Mundo?



Matanza, again.


Drago, again. Worth noting that he’s wearing the collar and chain in this shot, indicating that he’s under the control of Kobra Moon at this point.


Vibora (aka “Luchasaurus”) makes his first appearance. If I had to guess, I’d say the casket holds the remains of Pindar, who met his end at the very end of Season 3.


Fighting! It’s Catrina putting a cross armbreaker on…


It’s hard to tell exactly who. We think this may be Lucha Underground newcomer Chelsea Green. What we can say with a little more certainty is that it looks like these two are gonna have a big brawl.






It appears Catrina loses this round, via getting her head bonked into a pole.


Paul London, covered in blood, with the rest of the Rabbit Tribe behind him and the mysterious staff in hand. This is where we start trying to connect the dots between the Rabbit Tribe and Killer Kross. Did they take the staff from him, or are they delivering it to him? And, why does it appear to be so important?


Taya holds that creepy doll we saw Ricky Mandel holding earlier in the trailer.



Johnny Mundo tussles with Vibora and appears to be getting the worse of it.


Not 100% sure who this is, but we think it’s Ricky Mandel.


Marty “The Moth” Martinez, banging on a wall in front of a mirror and generally just looking as crazy as possible.


The stone that Catrina has used to control Mil Muertes, but this doesn’t look like Catrina to me. Who is this?


It’s Jack Swagger! Nice to see him dressing sharp in a shirt and tie. Note the blood on his shoulder.


Aero Star, again. He’s trying to do something.



Dario Cueto, and behind him…Dario Cueto? “This will be MY new temple,” the older version of Dario says.

I have so many questions. Is this simply Dario’s own hallucination? Is it a relative? A twin brother? Even better, an EVIL twin brother? Or (this is my favorite theory), did Aero Star use time-travel skills to bring an older Dario back from the future?

Also, note the jacket on “old Dario”. It looks similar to the one worn by whoever was unlocking that door earlier in the trailer.


Roll call! Taya!


Pentagon Dark!




The Mack! What is he holding?


Kobra Moon!


We’re pretty sure this is Lucha Underground newcomer, Sonny Kiss.


Tommy Dreamer? Tommy Dreamer!


Not sure. Any guesses?




Ricky Mandel, and his creepy doll.


We think this is Lucha Underground newcomer Sammy Guevara.


Joey Ryan!


Cortez Castro! Or is it Ricky Reyes?




Not sure.


Killer Kross! There’s that staff again.


The Rabbit Tribe!


Son Of Havoc!


El Dragon Azteca Jr.!


Jeremiah Crane!


Jack Swagger!


Chelsea Green!




Chavo Guerrero Jr.!


Mascarita Sagrada! Note that the outfit, especially the mask, matches up with the person wrapped up in the wooden ball in that shot of Killer Kross earlier in the trailer.


PJ Black!


Aero Star!




Marty “The Moth” Martinez!


Mil Muertes and Catrina! Note, she still has the rock here.


The Monster Matanza Cueto!




And finally, Johnny Mundo!

Inserted between the quick edits of all these guys and girls are some moments of in-ring action. Let’s take a look at those.


Killshot hits someone with a move while Son Of Havoc and The Mack look on. I’m guessing Killshot is teaming with them in a 6-man tag team match. Also, note the new color of the ring ropes – blue on the top and bottom, yellow in the middle.


Pentagon Dark hits Matanza with an enziguri.


Jack Swagger drops a Swagger Bomb on Son Of Havoc. But check out Killshot and someone else outside the ring. Could this be from this season’s Aztec Warfare match?


Fenix delivers a kick while competing against Pentagon Dark and…is that Mundo?


King Cuerno jumps over Marty from the top rope as Pentagon Dark looks on. You can also see the announcers desk in the background, with Matt Striker and Vampiro on the call.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. takes flight over the top rope onto Pentagon Dark. Again, there a couple more people in the background, including Kobra Moon.


Fenix takes a cutter from Daga.


Cuerno leaps from the top rope onto Johnny Mundo.

That’s where we’re at right now. If you think you have any insight on what’s happening in some of these screen grabs, feel free to comment below. Just remember…


Lucha Underground Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, June 13 on El Rey Network.

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