WWE RAW Wrap Up 11/10/2014

Tonight, the bulk of the crew gathers to talk all that’s fit to talk about on WWE RAW.

The Team Authority and Team Cena RAW take over, the lack of Dean Ambrose on the show, Kofi Kingston and the New Day, Hornswoggle as Mini-Miz, Team Authority is bad ass as hell, Butler Bella could be better and so much more! 

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 443: Randy Orton is My Spirit Animal

Randy Orton Spirit Animal VineThis week on Wrestling Mayhem Show 443:


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  • Eamon tells us about his experience attending RAW. 4:30
  • We give our thoughts on this past week’s RAW.
  • Discussion on the Authority-Cena Survivor Series storyline. 8:40
  • Some WWE development and Tough Enough talk. 22.32
  • We talk about how wrestlers follow some of us on Twitter. 29:34
  • Remember When: Epic hair in wrestling! 34:41
  • Our thoughts on Hell in a Cell. 47:27
  • We discuss Randy Orton in the “Condemned 2” and his new personality. 1:06:34
  • We talk about the R-Truth meme. 1:11:02
  • We discuss Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell.1:16:33
  • Lastly, we let you know what we learned from wrestling this week. 1:17:42

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