Indy Mayhem Show 200: Facade in India

“The Neon Ninja” Facade has returned from his walkabout in India as part of The Great Khali’s CME promotion.  We discuss getting to meet him and the opportunity to work with some up and coming talent in India and performing in front of that audience, talking with Jinder Mahal during the monumental WWE India tour, discovering a foreign country, and discovering the real inner Neon Ninja.

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 552: WWE White House

We’ve got a full house for Wrestling Mayhem Show 552! It’s the start of 2017, and we’re doing our first show in the recently renovated studio! And, it’s a full house with BC Steele, Sorg, Mutilator Larry, Mad Mike, and Rizz!wms

– We’re celebrating 11 years of wrestling and podcasting!
– And, we’re celebrating the return of Mad Mike. We’ve also got that BC Steele guy in studio.
– We’re also looking into logistics of transporting large items – as in The Great Khali large….
– Sorg is excited about Wrestle Kingdom – and is sharing some thoughts about future WWE opportunities.
– AwesomeCast cross-over: Google will translate webpages so you know what you’re doing to get Wrestle Kingdom.
– There’s a Bullet Club B-Team?!?!
– Only on Rizz Plays Games will The Great Khali win the Royal Rumble every year.
– We’re talking about Wildcard Finals beating RAW for ratings.
– Angry Dolph Ziggler and Angry Old Man Cena are Sorg’s favorites at the moment.
– Okay Mayhem Nation – We’re in search of R-Truth music videos. Send us some of your favorites!
– Larry is weighing in on 205 Live – he thinks it may be his favorite WWE brand yet!
– Sorg is sharing his thoughts about posting Super Indy as a Benny Hill video? Hmmmm…
– It’s time for the Big Question: If you had multiple gimmicks and could switch the timeline, what would they be? (We’re currently discussing Stunning Steve Austin and Stone Cold Steve Austin character swaps…)
– We’re discussing WWE and Vince McMahon’s trip to the White House and spinning off other celebs as President.
– What did you learn from wrestling this week?

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