Wrestling Mayhem Show 300: Smashing!

WrestlefanChachiDJLunchbox, Rizz, Wheelz, and Sorg are talking about WWE’s TLC, Kane’s return, the mystery video, and what’s wrong with TNA’s…venue…

We also welcome back Dan Hinkles of Serious Parody and the Wrestling Manager game for iPhone!  The app is out, and we’ve got it!

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The Mayhemmys 2008: The FINAL Nominees!


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Mayhemmys Match of the Year

Remedy vs. Light bulb

Ladies of Mayhem vs. Men of Mayhem

Juggalo Jamie vs. Grammar

Stoke Monkey vs. Politics


Mayhemmys Video of the Year

SIWT: Baseball Edition

Edge Attacks Ultimate X

Batista Xion

Stoke Monkey Address


Mayhemmys WTF Moment of the Year


Lucha Rick Roll

Silent Ninja Sings

Remedy: Smash that Keg!

Mayhem Goes Political (Macho, Sorgatron, Stoke Monkey)



Mayhemmys Best New Fan






Mayhemmys Fan Emailer of the Year

Mad Mike

Juggalo Jamie




Mayhemmys Prop of the Year

Ultimate X

Kendo Stick/Kadukie bar

Pump Juice

Wrestling Mayhem Show Banner

Heineken Keg


Mayhemmys 2008 On Air Personalities 

Jimmy Demarco


Mayhem Missy

Stoke Monkey< /span>

Silent Ninja


Mayhemmys 2008 Interview


Tanoai Reed


Sexual Harassment

Jimmy D, Shiima Xion, The Bomber

Super Hentai

The Gambinos


The Chest Flexor Experience 


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