Indy Mayhem Show: Thomas Mathis Returns

ABsolute Thomas Mathis returns to the show to catch up with his past year in wrestling including his battle with injuries from concussions to nerve damage, the bloody last man standing match he had with Beastman in Black Diamond Wrestling, a tip from the Soultaker at International Bigtime Wrestling, what he learned from Michael Kanellis and more!

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Wrestling Mayhem Show 676: Kabump Bumps

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Thomas Mathis joins us in studio – with our new probationary on-air talent, Ronnie Starks!  It’s a good thing that we have the good ol’ boys Sorg and Mad Mike to keep things straight while we talk this week in wrestling news, including:

  • In case you missed it, we’re welcoming Ronnie Starks as a co-host for the show. We’re taking bets now to see how long he lasts.
  • There are some new names signing with Impact. And, we have a Mayhem Show connection! Mayhem Bump?
  • We’re talking some Impact Wrestling updates!
  • Trish Stratus is set for a SummerSlam return, and we’re sharing some thoughts.
  • There are some strong thoughts on WWE heels.
  • RAW is coming to Pittsburgh, and Sorg is actually pretty excited about it.
  • Our guest Thomas Mathis is teaching us about proper care and maintenance of ring gear – – and abs.
  • Thomas Mathis is catching us up on where we can see him in action these days.
  • So…White Claw has found its way into the discussion?
  • Thomas Mathis is educating us on his self-discipline when it comes to maintaining his ABSolute physique.
  • This week’s Big Question: If you would Dragon Ball Z fusion two wrestlers, who would they be?
  • In case you’ve missed it, Jon Moxley is doing things.
  • If you haven’t already checked it out, Randy Orton has been doing some interesting things on his social media.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?

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