Thursday Night War: NXT and TNA Impact Aftershow 3/13/2014

NXT Arrival and Impact Wrestling AftershowMinutes after Impact goes off air, we recap the Thursday Night War! We talk about 3 generations of Dolph Ziggler now including Tyler Breeze and the paradox we could have happen if they end up on the same show (Billy Gunn is #3).

Impact institutes the air horn rating system on this show, we discuss the new Abyss, the amazing Sam Shaw and his new girlfriend, and more!

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TNA Impact Aftershow 2-20-14

tna impact wrestling

The crew talks about TNA Impact directly after the show airs!  We talk about Sam Shaw, Magnus making up his own rules, Dixie Carter’s bad business sense, and more…

TNA Impact Aftershow 2-13-14

tna impact wrestlingThe crew talks TNA Impact Wrestling minutes after it goes off the air!

TNA Impact Genesis Aftershow 1-16-13

TNA Genesis 2014

This week, the guys watched TNA Genesis…did they like ?  You be the judge…or not…whatever…  *Genesis Part One

TNA Impact 1/9 Aftershow

tna impact wrestling


The crew watched TNA so you don’t have to!  We talk about the live Impact, including how TNA has handled the AJ Styles situation, with comparisons to the CM Punk departure in WWE previously, who should be getting a chance at the TNA World Title, and more!

TNA Impact Aftershow 12/12/13

tna impact wrestling

The crew returns to format with 1 word descriptions, talk about the Feast or Fired match, asks what two gimmick matches you would put together, Rockstar Spud having his breakout moment, the latest from Bully Ray and Ken Anderson, the Jeff Hardy Spoken Word album we all want, Joseph Parks, and COPS!

TNA Impact Aftershow 12/5/13

tna impact wrestling

The crew talks about the final contestants in the TNA Impact Heavyweight Title Tournament, the retconning of Abyss and Joseph Parks, Bobby is confused by wrestlers who don’t have beards, Feast or Fired is coming back, and more!


TNA Impact Aftershow 10/24/13



The crew talks the first TNA Impact Wrestling after Bound for Glory, and the problems with TNA Contracts, how much AJ Styles would do for a WWE Contract, which includes a helicopter, the match you would see in Hell, and Impact Wrestling Sponsorships!

TNA Impact Aftershow 10/3/13

TNA_Impact_Wrestling_0001This week, the crew grunts their enthusiasm. Then somehow link a lineage of Magnus to Robocop, and wonder why they keep forgetting the good things from the show (they happen!). And TNA Knockouts.