Rock in his epic bout with CM Punk (via

Rock in his epic bout with CM Punk (via

This week, we’ve had a bit of an upturn in the wrestling world as The Rock returned to the top of the mountain to win his first WWE Championship in 10 years.

There have been plenty of reactions, whether it be the 5 MILLION people that tuned into RAW after learning of the Rock’s win, or some interesting acts of agression popping up on the internet

The Rock can go.  I think it was demonstrated to us between the last couple years’ that Rock hasn’t lost a step in the ring.  And with his match against Punk, he’s poised to deliver the kinds of matches we were into 10 years ago when he was on top.

You wanted the Attitude Era.  Live with it.  With all of the nostalgia of Attitude in WWE ’13, DX reunions, and just general chatter from former and current fans to have things “like it was”.  Welcome to it!  And people came back HARD!

Punk went down fighting.  And still will.  The above linked freak out was poised on “434 days for nothing”.  For nothing?  How about making history.  That’s never going away.  And it was a memorable 434 days.

What’s next?  It could be predicable.  Or we could get a 3 way at Mania with Punk and Cena.  Or we look forward to Punk doing anything with anyone else at WrestleMania and making gold out of it as he has in the past.  It’s a big roster.  Being in the Top 10 guys is still amazing.  And Punk can’t be Cena or Rock any time soon…


Enjoy the ride.  And maybe watch one of the many Rock movies in coming months…