Wrestling Mayhem Show 558: The Diamond Collection

We’ve got Santana Diamonds on this week’s show – with his entourage of Corey Futuristic and Daniel Hooven.  They are hosted by our WMS regulars, Mad Mike, Bobby F J-Town, and Sorg for Wrestling Mayhem Show 558.  Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day. (VD has a totally new meaning this week.)
  • Daniel Hooven is looking dapper after spending time with Big League John McChesney.
  • We watched Elimination Chamber this weekend and are sharing our thoughts.
  • Bray Wyatt is the champion!
  • Our crew is split on thoughts about the Elimination Chamber redesign.
  • Three womens matches on a WWE PPV.
  • Tag team wrestling on Smackdown makes us happy.
  • Corey Futuristic is sharing thoughts on the Usos gimmick change.
  • We got Emmalina this week! But, did we really?
  • Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re talking about how the guys pick up the ladies.
  • Is Joe Dombrowski listening? We have some Virgil stories!
  • By Virgil standards, Mad Mike is a legit member of the wrestling family.
  • Santana Diamonds is sharing some stories from the IWC Meadville show.
  • Mad Mike had dinner with Tatanka back in the day.
  • Guys…We have a voicemail! (We love listener mail.)
  • We appreciate drunk dials to our WMS hotline.
  • How many wrestlers can you fit in a podcast studio? We may be pushing our limits in Mayhem Studios tonight.
  • It’s time for the Big Question! What couples do you wish you saw in wrestling?
  • It’s that magical time where Matt leads our storytime booking for Mayhem Mania.
  • Jaxon Argos’ Mayhem Mania match has lasted unscathed since his appearance at the start. He’s back to reap rewards.
  • What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?
  • Corey Futuristic is giving the fans a chance to help him develop his tag team finisher.

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Valentine’s Day

I’m constantly comparing what it is that, despite everyone’s criticism, the WWE does right that TNA hasn’t gotten just yet.

Yes. It’s Valentine’s Day. Time for you to sit down with your loved one, over a candlelit dinner fresh from the Domino’s delivery car as you order TNA Against All Odds on your cable remote. (I should write ads…) As wrestling fans, you’ve all been to the major companies’ web sites, and been bombarded with the only thing VD can mean to wrestling fans…boobs…lingerie…skin. So lets see how either company handled such a deep topic in surprisingly different fashions.

TNA has a run of Valentine’s photos involving their current Knockouts champion, Tara/Victoria, and the hottest redhead that almost never makes it on TV without carrying someone’s ring gear, So Cal Val. Sorry, DJLunchbox. The sets are nice enough. Pink lingerie, soft giant teddy bears that cost as much as my Xbox, and interesting uses for chocolate allowed by non-fetish websites on the topic. But overall, the pictures and poses just feel…awkward.

WWE barrages you with the shear number of images. WWE always wins in the fact that most of their roster have been models, and the shear number of girls. Vince could completely have his own Playboy Mansion style setup with all these girls, for all we know. Aside from the variety, shapes, and sizes of the girls, there’s an artistic touch. Regardless of how you think these girls look in HD on Monday night, you will probably not notice any flaws hear.

As usual, as I find with their shows and story lines, WWE takes a simple concept that anyone should get, and just have a better execution than their competitors.