.Headlocked Creator Mike Kingston with Jerry LawlerBack at the NYC Comic Con in February, I had the chance to meet the gentlemen from the independent comic book, Headlocked at the Turnbuckle Entertainment table after the TNA wrestlers left.  I had a chance to pick up the Headlocked: Work of Art, and Headlocked :The Tryout 1-3 at the convention to check it out, and was pleasently surprised as they explored the motivations of a drama student trying to get into “the biz”.  When I opened up my first book and saw Ring of Honor and Chikara ads, and a section in the back where Kingston points out wrestlers and promotions you should see (including listing some Friends of the Show).  You can check them out at Visionary Comics, the Headlocked Myspace, and the Headlocked Facebook page.  And if you’re in the Philedelphia area, Mike will be there with Jerry “theKing” Lawler at WizardWorld Philly next week.And as always, you can join us LIVE Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern on TalkShoe and BlogTV, or drop your questions to [email protected]!