Who doesn’t like controversy with their cup of coffee. It was brought up by @rizziup (The Rizz), to us about the following video before what I understand to be last night’s TNA Impact tapings. We here at WMS have some strong opinions we plan to let out on tonight’s show (episode 202).

To make things worse, aside from the straight talking down to a wrestling audience from production members, the video was pulled from YouTube for “copyright violation”. As a big media centered professional, I saw this as a big of abuse of the DMCA, as I don’t see how this footage, NOT during the recorded/broadcast show, and NOT shot by TNA as a whole, and NOT containing any copywritten content. So there it is. Reposted. how about that. Glad I hit that download button.

If you are the original owner of this video, or know who is, please contact us at [email protected]. Your account was unlinked upon takedown.