The 5th Annual Mayhemmy Awards!

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2012 has come and gone, and that means it is that time of year again. The nominees are now out for the 2013 Mayhemmies! And unlike some other award shows that have an “Academy” that decides who takes home an award, we like to open it up to all of you, the loyal mayhemers! Below, you can vote for your favorites in all categories including Host Of The Year, Co-Host Of The Year, Fan Of The Year, Interview Of The Year and Moment Of The Year. Only one vote per person will count. Voting for the Mayhemmies ends on January 28th at Midnight EST, because our big awards extravaganza will be on January 29th at our regularly scheduled time! Here are the nominees below:

Oh what’s that? You say you don’t remember all of these great moments? Well don’t fret, because we put together a playlist of all of the nominees for Moment Of The Year, so you can look back, remember the insanity and make a more educated decision.

Once again, voting ends Monday the 28th at Midnight EST and the winners will be announced on Wrestling Mayhem Show Episode #354 Tuesday the 29th, so get your votes in!

Announcing: The Mayhemmys!!!

This year, the Mayhem Crew has been discussing it, and we thought that so much good stuff happened, that we should recognize the best of the year.  So we bring you:

Mayhemmys 2008


We are going to be unveiling the awards and nominees over the next week, and will present the winners on the December 30 edition of the Wrestling Mayhem Show!  You can submit your votes to [email protected]!

The first two awards are:

Mayhemmys 2008 On Air Personalities

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Stoke Monkey

Mcihael The Bomber Facade
Jimmy Demarco 

Mayhemmys 2008 Interview

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Mcihael The Bomber Facade
Appeared on January 29, 2008

Tanoai Reed from American Gladiators
Appeared on February 19, 2008
“Zen” from American Gladiators

Appeared on June 10, 2008

Sexual Harassment

Appeared on WMS 125 on July 15, 2008

Jimmy Demarco, Shiima Xion, Michael Facade

Appeared on WMS 129Xtra August 12, 2008

Super Hentai

Appeared on WMS 126 on June 22, 2008

Guest: Gambinos and Viki
The Gambinos

Appeared on WMS 135 September 23, 2008

Guest: Chest Flexor
Chest Flexor

Appeared on WMS 141 November 4, 2008


Stay tuned for more catagories….