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An Interview With ACH

Hey folks its Wrestlefan here! Back in March at an ACW event in San Antonio I got to interview ACW champion at the time and independent standout ACH. 2012 has truly been a great year for ACH, who has put on phenomenal matches not just in his home promotion of Anarchy Championship Wrestling, but also in Ring Of Honor, Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA and more. However, that was my first time doing an on location interview and the quality really did not turn out the way I wanted it as far as the audio and video. But it was such a good interview that I went back and made some adjustment to it. I know you can’t hear certain parts but I think you can get a good gist of it. Maybe, we’ll be able to do this interview again with the right equipment, because it was so fun discussing stuff with ACH. Either way, enjoy the video.